Science/apologetics In The Infinite Scale O' Time


:thumbsup: Hello. Life (Sci=0) excite me! just kiddin

could we travel to 18 century and consume its medicines, beliefs diversions? we could die!!

we can say that the medicine & apologetics o’ 21 century are nothing in the infinite scale o’ time!!

I feel im livin’ in a past century, im livin’ a lie

please help me


What do you mean?


:thumbsup: if i were a chrononaut, visiting the 15th century, how i could find appropiate medical treatment?

why these pre-scientific medicine/theology is less believable than the contemporary? Im in the past, present or future?


Your posts are incomprehensible. Can’t you make a point or ask a question so we can understand you?


1st, medical knowledge advances so to go back in time would give a lower level of care and going foward would give better care.

2d, Gods Word never changes. It was perfect from the begining and only “reformers” reform Gods Word to something it is not nor ever will be. The Catholic Church never changes Gods Word but only adds to her knowledge of Gods Word as it is revealed to us. So a Chrononaut would believe the same things yesterday, today and tommorrow. God does not change but the Chrononaut might learn more of Gods Word as time goes on. A reformer Chrononaut would have to change or ignore or invent believes.


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