Science Fiction & religion

Excellent article on science fiction and religion from First Things that mentions a couple of my favorite authors.
Chase also mentions two authors who have very interesting blogs; Michael Flynn, a Catholic and amateur Thomist and John C. Wright, an atheist convert to the Faith.

Fabulous article. Thank you for the link.:thumbsup:
Now, I have some reading to do!

I wish they’d touched on S.M. Stirling in the article–it would’ve been interesting (I’m reading the last book in the Nantucket series, I’ve been reading the Emberverse series, but that’s still in progress). In both series, though, religions are treated (IMO) well–perhaps more so in the Emberverse series, but then the idea of Christianity when you’ve been thrown back to 1250 BC (Nantucket series) does get kind of … weird.

Thanks for the great link. I’m working on a series of novels that play dangerous with science and truth and faith. It’s obvious I don’t read enough of others good work yet.

I’m in the midst of reading it now, have it marked, already sent it on to friends.

Fascinating, Captain. :wink:

PS: Ah, Cordwainer Smith! His Game of Rat and Dragon is a classic, and one I still recall with fondness.

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