Science: Freind And Enemy of Christian morality


There are certain projects going on in scienctifc circles that the military are intrested in and are funding, such as the growing back of limbs; genetic engineering (merging sheep genes with human genes). More importantly and to to the point, there is this guy going around, that has a long beard, who is promising people that it is biologically posible for us to live forever. What do you think of this guys science? Is he just another quack? and what does all this mean in respect of Christianity?


I once read that even if people had no illnesses they would still only live to be an average of 140 years old since they would all end up dying in various types of accidents.

And as for living forever on this earth, to a Christian that sounds more like hell than heaven.


Thermodynamics will get you in the end. ‘Living forever’ is nonsense.


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Quack. Scientists have short beards. That’s how you can always tell.


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I believe we need to be careful in attacking science as a whole and the misuse of science in unethical projects. Science is a good enterprise which is part of our divine mission to better understand the universe, which is a visible reflection of God’s invisible and infinite beauty and wisdom and a manifestation of the eternal law. Scientific knowledge however, can be misused to unethical ends, such as the creation of weapons of mass destruction or efficient euthenasia and abortion.


I find embryo selection a valuable tool for eliminating inequality, of course, eliminating inequality is the primary goal the pursuit of social justice. Hopefully, embryo selection will be adopted by countries to eliminate the disparities in outcomes that The Bell Curve elaborated on by assailing the cause; inequality in ability.

If you don’t know what embryo selection is; it is on the wikipedia page for “Richard Lynn.”

The use of embryo selection to eliminate inequality would be a remarkable confluence of science and ethics to pursue that magnanimous goal of pursuing social justice.


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