Science is just one gene away from defeating religion [The Observer]

“Be Prepared”. The Boy Scout motto. :wink:

Confusing the brain with the soul is like confusing the horse with the rider.

“Scientist find parts of the brain react to stimuli” is hardly news. They’re like cavemen giving a computer a kick and drawing conclusions from the noises and lights that result.

I have no idea where the notion that science and religion are enemies comes from. It seems that both people in the science community and the religious community buy into this idea.

Science can’t harm God’s creation. The only religions science can harm are false religions. Science is simply the exploration of God’s creation, and the journey for us to understand how it works.

It’s irrelevant for me since whether I believe in hell or not wouldn’t change my life. I would live my life more or less the same. I don’t love God for fear of hell or love for heaven. I love God or rather just love b/c like in that Hilary Duff song “love just is.”

We should act in the ways we do because of the inherent value of those acts in view of earthly realities, not b/c of how we may be punished or rewarded in the hereafter.

Science is showing that people perceive themselves as choosing to do something AFTER the brain has already put it in motion. So that means free will is illusory. See this article for example

As we learn more things like this, as the article indicates, we may find that our religious perceptions are also just as illusory as our free will.

The title of this thread is insipid and tired. Why is it all atheists are bitter? Really, if God doesn’t exist, why are they are so rabid about it, so desperate to convince others of the folly of faith? Seems like thou dost protest too much.

But alas, I called myself an atheist once so I know there’s no talking to these people.

But alas, I called myself an atheist once so I know there’s no talking to these people.

If I said: “I called myself a Christian once so I know there’s no talking to Christian people”, that would be bigotry but what you say isn’t bigotry for some reason.

I’ve been told that the topic of how science suggests free will is illusory is a forbidden topic for me to discuss, so I’ll have to bow out; I’ve been told specifically that it is forbidden for me to argue in any forum here that free will is illusory. I’ve also been told that more generally it is not permitted to try to persuade people that their Catholic or Christian beliefs are incorrect. I didn’t know that was not permitted. Since it’s not permitted, I don’t think this is a useful forum for me. For a more uncensored forum, I would recommend to people

Sorry if I left any discussions hanging.

I was told: “Your intention here seems to be to subtly and some times not so suttling to convince people that their Catholic beliefs are incorrect ant that they should adopt your non-Christian view of the world.” Since my intention is indeed to convince people that my world view is correct, it seems I am not welcome here. I guess I mistook this forum for a place where people could try to convince each other that their world view, including non-Christian world views, were correct. For those interested in non-Christian world views, I don’t think this is the best place to learn about them since apparently it is not permitted to vigorously advocate for a non-Christian world view here.

I was asked to reply to the message I got but the system wouldn’t let me reply.

[quote=Brain Scanners Can See Your Decisions Before You Make Them]“Real-life decisions – am I going to buy this house or that one, take this job or that – aren’t decisions that we can implement very well in our brain scanners,” said Haynes.

Also, the predictions were not completely accurate. Maybe free will enters at the last moment, allowing a person to override an unpalatable subconscious decision.

With these possibilities, I don’t see how free will can be seen as an illusion.

Plus, is it possible for a person to defy these predictions?

God Bless.


It can’t of course.Treating Science as a god is tantamount to belief in magic.Believing that our incomprehensibly complex universe with its myriad and incontrovertible laws appeared out of NOTHING due completely to happenstance and serendipity IS tantamount to belief in MAGIC and is completely illogical and actually the antithesis of science.Prior Cause is light years more acceptable as a scientific theory.

Pride is the DEADLIEST sin.Ask Adam or Eve.They tried to become gods.

So based on that article, science is only one gene away from turning man into machine. Clever.

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