Science shows that adult stem cells are better: Vatican official
I agree with the poster on this story. I remember when i mentioned the use of Adult stem cells i was shouted down by the googleU educated atheist on yahoo a few years ago

It is wonderful how time really shows what we’re made of:)
Maybe after so many repeated failures, the devil will just give up! (One day…;))

Hey, “ljubim”, don’t get too self-confident there! :wink: I can tell you not only be personal experience but the actions and struggles of everyday people that the Devil’s not going to give up until Judgment Day. :frowning: However, God’s gonna win out in the end, so I think it balances it out in a sense. :thumbsup:

Oh, and about those adult stem cells: I think it has been said that at times, science has been too immature as a discipline to just go for the curiosity without considering the consequences. Good thing, though, that there’s “fides et ratio”, as Pope John Paul II would say – or this world would intellectually get out of whack! So, yes, today is a day where science and faith have won together and not in the classic struggle of “Faith vs. Reason.” (And who really wants a fight in their hands anyway?:D)

God bless all of you through St. Jean Vianney and Mary, and have a good day!

Sincerely in His Most Sacred Heart,

Jean-Therese Delacroix

How weird… that’s exactly what I was thinking! Hence the disclaimer: One day! :smiley:

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