Science study: Republicans struggle with evolution, Democrats struggle with the Earth going around the Sun


Only 32 percent of Republicans believe in evolution. And most Democrats (51 percent) don’t know both that the Earth goes around the Sun and that it takes a year to do so.

Here is my question: We know why fundamentalists reject evolution but what is the reason for rejecting solocentrism?


Perhaps its just ignorance?


Or because they think the world revolves around Obama? :smiley:


How can that many (presumably educated) people be unaware that the Earth goes around the sun? :confused:


I think you mean heliocentrism.


Oops, yes.


Remember, you’re dealing with an anesthetized culture – this is a culture where more people in any given year vote for the next “American Idol” than do for their own Congressperson, and who can name all the members of the Griffin family but not the three branches of government. Why am I not surprised that they’d be unaware of a basic piece of human knowledge?

Although, maybe we ought to foster this… it’d get people to drop the false claims of “that nasty, science-hating Church persecuting poor Galileo…”:smiley:


I think most people probably just don’t care since evolution theory and how the earth moves around the sun has zero practical relevance to about 99.99% of the world’s population.


Speaking as neither a republican or democrat, I don’t struggle with evolution because speciation, this mysterious process which scientists claim occurred, has never been observed, to say nothing of abiogenesis, i.e. life arising from non-life, which would be necessary for it to even get off the ground.

God created everything and that’s all I need to know.


I don’t know. Maybe they just didn’t pay attention in science class or maybe they have forgotten?


It’s probably because people tend to forget trivial things like this that are not relevant to our happiness or survival.
For most, it’s only useful information if it ever comes up as a test question in a high school or college class.


Dear livingwordunity,

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Excellent observation and most probably very true. In the grand scheme of things it is hardly a question of paramount importance upon which the weighty issues of life depend.
Indeed, very much church social quiz or school test stuff.

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Yes, and every single fossil seems to be a fully functioning species in its own right. No unsuccessful hybrids, no halfway houses - all fully functional, with all the minimum (read incredible) complexity necessary to function.


I think it is more likely that too many people are busy sending rapidfire texts to their classmates and worrying about how many people liked their status updates on Facebook. Like one other poster said, they all know who’s on American Idol but probably can’t tell you who the President is. And this behavior doesn’t stop in college either :shrug:. I remember several undergraduate classes where half of the class had their laptops open goofing off on Facebook or some other random site during all the lectures, if they even went to lecture. Tuition was more than $50K and still that doesn’t faze them (because their parents are paying for all of it :(). Then half the class ends up failing the exams and the professors just curve everybody’s grades so the average is a C. I remember reading a statistic somewhere that said that something like half of all college students think they deserve at least a B just for showing up at class. :confused:


Just think that if they were to take all the DNA data from a human and store it onto disc, they would fill the Empire State Building with discs at least twice.


Not so, because trivial details about celebrities are not relevant to survival or happiness.

Too often, we as a society conflate pleasure with happiness. Younger people tend to be the worst offenders I’d suspect. American Idol may bring pleasure, but being well educated , well mannered, and developing a relationship with God brings happiness.

Pop culture, much like candy, tastes good going down, but isn’t something a healthy person creates their diet from.


Note that TOE is not the same as abiogenesis. The two are different.

But I don’t struggle with it at all because as God is the sustainer of the universe, there is nothing that prevents Him from creating things anyway He wants. You want a gradual creation via way of different species, sure. You want it all to appear in a puff of smoke, sure.

Saying evolution is unguided is a non-scientific philosophical import. There is no scientific test for guidance, as there is no scientific test for design. But to say it is not so because science can’t test that is absurd.


Apples and oranges. Anyone who doesn’t harbor doubts that humans evolved from paramecia lacks critical thinking skills. Those who think that the sun revolves around the earth are ill-educated, and unsurprisingly, usually vote Democrat. :stuck_out_tongue: Rob


Of course TOE gets its own epicycles every few years. :slight_smile: Still the theory is very plausible. True or not, for a Catholic it’s irrelevant in practical implications.


Actually, evolution is entirely dependent upon that first life-form arriving from non-life through some mysterious natural process which has never been observed. Billions of dollars spent in labs attempting to “recreate” the process, guided by intelligent people, and they still couldn’t manage to do it. Yet we’re told that it did happen and that everything we see evolved, that it’s a settled science and not open for debate. Indeed, these days science much more closely resembles the ideological pursuits of its heirarchy of secular-atheists than the actual testable, observable and falsifiable method itself. The geological columns show no intermediary steps, only fully realized species, many of which have gone extinct. Once a species is gone, it’s gone and it’s not coming back.

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