Please pray for my son Luke today as he takes his science test. Luke has learning disabilities and I have moved him from public school into a Catholic School. The work is much more difficult. He needs to pass or the school can refuse him. Please pray… This school is so wonderful… He doesn’t get made fun of here…

Lord, please help Luke today with his science test. Please be with him and keep him calm, and help him to find the answers we know he has in his mind. In the name of Jesus I pray. Amen. :signofcross:

Our girl’s Catholic school is a wonderful place as well. It’s sometimes difficult to justify the high costs, but I’m so glad they are there. I’m glad they get to see the priests daily and go to mass weekly. We had one (very small) issue a few years ago, a boy teasing my daughter because of her Chinese eyes (which we of course think are the most beautiful eyes) and they handled in in quick order, talking to the boy and telling him how much that can hurt making fun of how someone else looks. (In actuality, I think it was just a “boy” trying to find a way to talk to a girl). :slight_smile:

Pam ,will be praying for your son,and that the HOLY SPIRIT,helps him through the test,leave it in HIS hands don’t worry.

Thank you both so much for the prayers… I feel so sorry for Luke… I adopted him when he was 9 months old. He is a great kid, now 9 years old.

His birth parents were addicts and he is left with problems from that. He tries so hard… Just keep praying for him.

:crossrc: Dear Jesus, please watch over Luke today and let him get good grades on his test today and always. With You all things are possible and please bless this dear little one.

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