Scientific Argument against Contraceptives


I am a college student and I am beginning to write an essay on the negative affects of contraceptives. For the paper I must use peer reviewed scientific article to base my argument. As I understand it, contraceptives (namely oral contraceptives) are disruptive of the normal and natural functions of the body. This kind of tampering seems like it should have inevitable consequences on a woman’s body and their health. From my research, it appears as though many of those affects may be long term affects and this area has only been looked into recently giving me little to work with. I am hoping that some of you know of some good sources for this topic, and possibly some peer reviewed scientific articles published that show negative affects of contraceptives.



This is a good idea. Not only are these contraceptives harmful to the woman who takes them, they are even more harmful to a breakthrough ovulation where a baby is conceived but can’t implant. Many abortions happen because of this.



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