Scientific Chromosomes regarding sexuality

As far as I understand men are XY and women are XX my sister and her friends are claiming their are other options and that is why people are transgender. They have been able to offer no proof has anyone else heard this claim yet?

Well if you’re talking about chromosomal abnormalities, there’s mosaics (those with both XY cells and XX cells), XX people with male genitalia (usually de la Chapelle syndrome), XY people with female genitalia (CAIS, 5-ARD, and 17-BHDD are the most common), XO people with female genitalia (Turner Syndrome), XXY people (Klinefelter Syndrome), etc.

Whether transsexualism is caused by chromosomal abnormalities or something else, we don’t know. We only know that transsexuals (and non-transsexuals as well) have brain structures and neuron counts similar to the sex they identify with, unaffected by hormone intake during life. We do not know the cause of this.

People say a lot of stupid stuff.:shrug:

I would add that there can be abnormalities with the way androgen are handled. Take, for example, androgen insensitivity syndrome. By virtue of one’s chromosomes, the individual should be a male (XY) but since their bodies are completely insensitive to androgen their external sexual features resemble that of a woman. There are some other disorders (which I can’t quite recall) which have a similar effect.

These abnormalities and disorders don’t support the transgender claim, at least not in the way it is presented today.

SMGS127 nailed it! :thumbsup:

X and Y sex chromosomes are the basic building blocks of your physical anatomy – but they are hardly the sole determinant of even that, never mind sexual orientation or your own sense of gender.

An earlier poster was right that there are chromosomal abnormalities that can occur – such as being XXY instead of just XX or XY.

But as a recall – I may be a little rusty on this – there are also three main “washes” of hormones that embryos experience in the womb, and each plays a different role in what combination of physical sex, gender identity and sexual orientation you end up with – at least that’s the theory.

Wikipedia isn’t a great source for this stuff, but you can kind of get an idea of what they’re talking about here –

There are cases where people have extra x or y chromosomes, but I don’t believe that this has any correlation at all with the transgender phenomenon, which is likely a mental issue.

Remember Facebook’s 58 genders? :rolleyes: I was thinking about that the other day, wondering if there was redundancy in the list even for those most hair-splitting proponents of “gender diversity” or whatever they want to call it. So, I found this list: There are, indeed, redundancies. Under the first one on the list, “Agender,” is this line: “Gender does not have anything to do with bodies. Think of it as SEX = BODY, GENDER = MINDSET.”

So aren’t they admitting that it’s in their heads? Not to be completely reductionistic in saying that, or to make light of true struggles that people go through. But - it does seem to point away from the notions that society should be engineered to make those with gender issues comfortable at the expense of the majority of the population, such as allowing a child to use the opposite-sex restroom and similar practices. :twocents:

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