Scientific Proof Of Immaculate Mary!!!!

Below is a link to a brand new scientific study that has serious implications about the relationship between Jesus and His Mother. The study discovered that the cells of children pass through the umbilical cord and actually live inside the mother’s organs, but most notably the mother’s brain. If the study is true, then Mary would have been the only person in history to have the living cells of Jesus inside of her body even after His birth and until the end of her earthly file. As such, if you accept the doctrine of the Trinity, then we must assume that Mary had living cells inside her brain, her heart, and all of her other organs of God the creator of the heaven and earth - WOW!

We know that Jesus was immune from sin, and also that where God exists, evil/sin cannot exist. If Jesus’ cells physically existed inside Mary’s brian and heart, then one could surmise that evil could not have existed there. This just so happens to support the Apolostolic Churches’ (Catholic, Orthodox, Coptic) doctrine that Mary was free from sin!

She was immaculate at her conception – long before any cells of Jesus’s human nature existed.

I was about to say that.

I “third” that sentiment :slight_smile:
Peace in Christ,

Good find !!

Yes, Mary was Fully Graced BEFORE pregnant with Jesus, but …this early research is very interesting. What if some of Jesus’ pluri-potent ‘stem-cells’ were transferred to Mary, and became part of her ?

Would this not be potentially INCREDIBLE info, from the standpoint that Mary is currently viewed unique among ALL the Saints …as Mother to all Rebirthed IN CHRISTOS !

It is extremely interesting. :smiley:

I’m glad someone figured out what I was getting at! (yes, I fully understand the teaching of the Immaculate Conception).

This scientific study could be instrumental in helping a non-Catholic Trinitarian Christian understand that Mary was not just an ordinary person after the birth of Christ. Scientifically speaking (as opposed to theologically) Christ’s actually body and blood was permanently imbedded in within Mary’s body! Going back to my first post, where God exist, evil cannot exist. This does not get non-Catholics all the way to our understanding of the Immaculate conception, but it could get them at least part of the way. God bless

Yes, and really it wouldn’t matter if she died or not …
( with regards to her end)…provided she was Assumed unto Heaven, which apparently happened, since her grave is not known, and the Church teaches she was Assumed, that FACT known to it via testimony of HS to it !!!

I wouldn’t quite go so far as to say that it is “scientific” proof, because Mary’s Immaculate Conception is a miraculous event, and we are talking about original sin, which is not a measurable, quantifiable thing by scientific instruments. The Church does not make infallible pronouncements on scientific matters. Her Immaculate Conception is utterly sound theology, no doubt, but it’s not a scientific thing. But thank you for posting the info. The information fits with Mary being immaculately conceived.

Yes this will only be beneficial to helping someone who already believes in the divinity of Jesus Christ in a trinitarian sense.

Yes, this this study could also help a non-Catholic undertand why Mary had to be assumed body and soul into heaven as her body contained living elements of Christ’s body.

This scientific study was discussed in another post a few weeks ago, fyi.

So Mary had the Eucharist within her since the birth of Jesus?! Also since you mention it, could it be that now, today, she still possess these same cells of Jesus’ human nature in her body, having ascended at the end of her earthly life? Good lord! She is eternally the new Ark of the Covenant!

And, did it convince you ?

That’s one way of looking at it. Actually, there are a lot of potential possibilities.
For example, our bodies will be resurrected at the final Trump, when Christ returns, in the Clouds. These bodies will be made eternal, like Christ’s. God could of chosen to just create ALL NEW bodies for us, from Heavenly Dust. But, scripture implies that our OLD ONES will be reclaimed, from the grave & earthly dust, and made eternal.

So, one might imagine a SUPERNATURAL SOURCE of ‘earthly’ Living Cells being used in our bodily recovery. Christ’s HUMAN pluri-potential cells, surviving in Mary, might be That Source …for All Christians REBORN IN CHRIST.

Just a thought, I’m sure the experts will find it untenable !

DF while I understand where your “wow” is coming from the excessive enthusiasm for this discovery suggests a tendancy bordering on fetishism/animism - especially your unusual understanding of “where God exist, evil cannot exist.”

Mk 3:35, apart from standard tradition, makes it clear there is nothing intrinsically special about Jesus’s natural body or its constituent cells in the order of salvation. What is important is how we respond to the Word of God. Mary is great not because she was chosen to be the mother of God but because of her great and lifelong fiat to these great circumstances.

“where God exists evil cannot exist” … hmmmn. I don’t think Jesus (let alone God) is present in sloughed off cells or fingernail clippings. While Jesus’s body did not see corruption - the same cannot be proven of his foreskin…as far as I know :eek:.

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