Scientific Proof Thoughts & Intentions Can Alter The Physical World Around Us


I came across this article today from

Basically what it is saying is some doctor “proved” our thoughts can alter the physical world.

One of the experiments is having 2 containers of rice. He has student say good things to the rice and bad things to the other container of rice and allegedly the “bad” rice started to turn rotten while the “good” rice remained healthy

This sounds a bit on the heretical side but it is interesting.

Thoughts on this matter?


Without watching it, what is the cause/effect proof? Control group?


I’d be wary of that website. Did they have a control container of rice that was kept in isolation? Is all the rice from the same batch, same age, etc?

That said, of course thoughts and intentions can alter physical reality. Thoughts are either in the brain (i.e. physical reality) or they at least effect the brain (we can see this on brain scans). My intentions alter reality as well. This post is an example of my intention altering physical reality. Of course this isn’t as sexy as causing a pot of rice to rot with my thoughts but it has the benefit of being grounded in reality.



Who funded it?

Who conducted it?

Who’s reporting it?

–(former science reporter)


Mythbusters debunked this back in 2006. Look for the “Deadly Straw” episode.


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