Scientific studies of Eucharistic Miracles- latest

Out of curiosity, can anyone give me a good link to where I might read about these

And does anyone know of any scientific group that has challenged the findings of these scientists? If you have a link for that for me to read, that would be most helpful too.

Are there video links for the Eucharistic Miracles :confused:

Check this thread if you can read Italian on the miracle at Lanciano.

This is a 9+ minute video, but it is of a scientist investigating a Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires and makes comparisons to Lanciano, as I recall. It is in Spanish and has subtitles.

Also check the book The Eucharistic Miracle of Lanciano, Italy Historical, Mystical, Scientific and Photographic Documentations by Bruno Sammaciccia.

Also Eucharistic Miracles by Joan Carroll Cruz.

Well I don’t read Italian, but thank you for the video link.

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This is a 9+ minute video,


I would have believed that if that miracle is happening with EVERY communion dipped in The Church holy-water ..........

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I would have believed that if that miracle is happening with EVERY communion dipped in The Church holy-water ..........


I think that is like accusing Jesus of fakery if he doesn't miraculously heal every single person of physical affliction every single time. Rather, the signs are given us at times in order to strengthen our faith. We saw this with Thomas who was told "blessed are those who do not see, yet believe." At any rate, the scientific scrutiny has pointed to this as a miracle since the material is both ancient and un-decomposed human tissue.

p.s. The Eucharist is not "dipped in holy water."

There's a lot of useful information on this site:

This is something that I have been reading about lately.

I would recommend that you watch this video, it has English subtitles.

Also, you can search on Youtube for Ron Tesoriero. There is a six part video there of a speech he gave that is quite interesting. He also has a book out entitled Reason to Believe A Personal Story. I can’t comment on the book yet as I have just ordered it and not received it, but in his research, he hired labs to test the host and even to perform DNA tests. I am really looking forward to reading the book. He has a website that is pretty interesting.

Finally, this is an interesting video. I have no idea how authentic it is or anything, but it is fascinating to see the host.

The supposed eucharistic miracle of Argentina is very suspect. First, there are two separate stories about the host - one says it was found stuck to a candlestick holder in the back of the church and another story says it was dropped during communion. Which is it?

The researchers Zugibe and Castanon are known religious miracle investigators and have sold books and given lectures on their experiments. Ulterior motives and objectivity come into question.

Where is the sample now? What is the Church’s decision on authenticity? Why have there been no published scientific peer-reviewed papers about this amazing find? There are no details of the scientific process or any objective scientists who have examined it?
There are discrepancies between Zugibe and Castanons versions of what happened. How are we to believe that Zugibe had no idea about the nature of the sample, when he is a known miracle researcher who received the sample from another known miracle researcher?

Zugibe examined and approved of Catalina Rivas, who is a fake stigmatist - so I have grave reservations about his conclusions on this alleged miracle.

Eucharistic miracles are so awsome!

Try these.…/lanciano.html…r/bolsena.html…r/holland.html

There is no documentation Zugibe every saw Catalina and approved of her.And even then,I doubt this had something to do with his very field of specialty,that is,pathology.

Castanon is a former atheist,and before he converted,the certain things that did convince him of the supernatural,were sent for blind tests.

It seems only logical that when he faces his second case of the supernatural,right after he became convinced of the supernatural,that he would do similar methods of investigation.

He even said that after he became convinced of the existence of the supernatural,that he still said some miracle claims are still too far fetched for him.

I really do not think Mr.Castanon would be a suspicious guy likely of hiding motives.

As for peer review,no.The samples were only sent for tests to determine what it is,with no peer review plans planed ahead.And even then,multiple doctors actually analysed it and all shared the same results.

As for differences between the stories of the witnesses,you do realise that things that do seem contradictory might either be both true or share the same source.

It is said there were two hosts.This could be an explanation of the two different but similar stories of the event in Aires.

Ron Tesoriero mentions the Host was analysed by a different doctor then Zugibe.But it turns out both of them analysed it,so no contradiction there.

So it could easily be other discrepancies could easily be explained as well.

I find it kind of disturbing so many christians today require so much in order to believe something like this, they are given videos, testimonials, etc of others, but thats still not good enough, they need more, more more proof! LOL

I sometimes think when Jesus comes back, some people, even if they see it with their own eyes, they just will not believe it, they will need someone else, an expert, to confirm it for them, that is indeed the real second coming!

This is not directed towards anyone on here, just doubters in general, I know a few people like this too…strange though, whenever they hear something on the mainstream media, they usually believe the entire story…?? I dont understand that at all.

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