Scientist: Pregnancy as a Newborn and at Age 100 Possible in 30 Years,2933,385962,00.html

Pregnancy at 100? A newborn giving birth?

Both may be possible in 30 years, according to Davor Solter, a developmental biologist at the Institute of Medical Biology in Singapore.

Solter, writing in the journal Nature, claims that advancements over the next 30 years should make it possible for women at any age to give birth.

Some of what he is talking about is quite frightening.

[quote=Davor Solter]“Today you can’t experiment on human embryos because it’s considered morally repugnant — and they are difficult to get,” he wrote.

It is morally repugnant. :mad:

[quote=Davor Solter]“If embryos could be grown in culture like any other cell line, this latter problem would disappear. It would mean you could introduce any kind of genetic modification,” he continued. “The cell lines could be used to correct a mutation or to engineer an improvement, and used to make a mutant embryo for research purposes.”

So we can eliminate mutant children*** and*** create them. :mad:

[quote=Article]Solter said he also envisions a future where babies are grown in artificial placentas for research purposes.

Growing babies for research purposes? :mad:

Dear God, please help us:( !!
I’ve been reading stories about people who are actually excited about the new transhumanism-post humanism movement coming up where humans will be merged with artificial intelligence/robot bodies and will be immortal by the end of the century.

As a Christian I look forward to the Resurrection and Heaven and the glorified body God will give me on the Last Day- these people who advocate these kind of genetic manupulation are atheists who are playing God. themselves.

Growing babies in artificial wombs for RESEARCH purposes?
Oh Dear God!!

But when you think about it- it was all set in motion when we humans first accepted artificial contraception, then abortion, then infanticide, euthanasia- sex w/o babies, then babies w/o sex.

Perhaps, but I think you have these practices out of order. First came euthanasia, then infanticide, followed by abortion with artificial contraception being the most recent of these concerns.


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