Scientist suggests 'eating human meat' to tackle climate change

These guys what to take a bite out of global warming.

Scientist suggests ‘eating human meat’ to tackle climate change

A Swedish scientist has suggested eating human flesh to tackle climate change at a Stockholm summit, according to reports.

In the 1973 dystopian film Soylent Green, the world is so overpopulated that dead bodies are sold as food.

But Swedish researcher Magnus Söderlund believes this could be a genuine solution to climate change and asserts we must “awaken the idea” of eating human flesh in the future.

At a summit for food of the future called Gastro Summit, Professor Söderlund held a talk called “Can you Imagine Eating Human Flesh?” where he argued “conservative” taboos against cannibalism should be broken down - the Epoch Times reports.

He suggests people’s aversion to it could be overcome little by little, . . . .

. . . When interviewed after his talk, the professor was asked if he would try human flesh.

He replied: . . . not appear overly conservative…I’d have to say….I’d be open to at least tasting it.” . . .

Also . . .

nice way to spread disease, eh, especially neurological illnesses…


do we really have to report on every off beat statement made by every off beat person.

There is a better way to spend time reading news.


Yeah, I was thinking about prions. Anyone remember mad cow disease? Think of that, but for humans.


Hmmm… I wonder how far this scientist has thought this through. Would the dead humans be categorized the same as they do meat, wine or cheese? Maybe they could have recipes for the tender pre-born, kind of like a caviar sort of thing. Those under 5 years old could be served the same as you would veal. The adults could then be categorized by years, as you would any carefully aged fine wine or cheese. Oh, and I could finally try a guy’s liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti…:wine_glass: And, so there is no waste, our “variety parts” could be “meat by-products” and used for dog and cat food. Gosh, this guy is really out to lunch (sliced leg of 23 old human on sourdough, lettuce, tomato, mayo, hold the mustard).
With the speed that humans are aborting their offspring, euthanasia, disease and wars, I think there will still be normal food available for humans.

Soylent green


I’m reminded for some reason of the bit in Douglas Adam’s work where he has a cow who was bred to want to be eaten to get around ethical objections to vegetarianism.

This is fringe territory stuff that news outlets report on when having a slow day or to get a bit of controversy going.

GiftofMercy . . .

There is a better way to spend time reading news.

I will let you make your own decisions about what YOU read and post.

And I will make my own decisions too.

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Sweet as a nut geezer. Preferably not a nut sourced from hominids though.

What better way to serve mankind?


Stop it with those sneaky Twilight Zone references.

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With respect, does being on a Catholic Forum mean that we MUST ONLY discuss news that originates from more than one person, standing, and not on a Friday night? Or that a scientist is saying something you don’t think is news? Or is your objection that we are discussing a subject that YOU don’t care about? If Soylent Green has “been done to death”, why in the world would you even read this, then comment on the subject? If you don’t care about a subject, it’s perfectly fine to skip reading it. But why then tell the rest of us that we shouldn’t be discussing this? I live in Cali, so I get bossed around and told what I can and cannot do shoved down my throat daily. Sorry YOU don’t like the subject WE were discussing, but we are well within CAF rules. God bless and have a nice day. :smiley:


No one is going to eat me, with my reputation for bad taste. I am not the only one with this protection.


I’m quite chubby, the can make a nice rich meat filled pastry out of me. Steak and kidney pie with a new twist as it were.

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This scientist might also have suggested eating cats and dogs, but THAT would be too controversial.


The scientist probably already knows that millions and millions of dogs and cats ARE being eaten in several Asian countries per year. :face_vomiting:

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Just look at the way this guy thinks!!!

He said he is willing to consider eating human flesh because . . . .

. . . . He is starving to death??


He is willing to eat human flesh because he is worried about being seen as CONSERVATIVE!! (“Overly conservative” to be exact.)

not appear overly conservative…I’d have to say….I’d be open to at least tasting it.” . . .

  • He is worried to this degree about what other people think.

  • He is worried to this degree about what other people think about HIM.

  • He is worried to this degree about other people thinking he may be “conservative” (“overly conservative”).

It is just plain nutty thinking.

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How utterly stupid and totally wacky. Sorry but this isn’t even worth giving consideration.

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Fringe silliness. Mind you it reminds me of the British comic strip Judge Dredd. in the future very dystopian world that is set in food is very scarce and burying people is a luxury only very rich families can afford. Most people get dumped in recycling plants upon death and their bodies are used in the food supply. That’s played for very, very black comedy in the strip with things like funeral services been held on panel just before the body is processed and made ready to be recycled. The on panel equivalent of McDonalds is shown as using the material for dead bodies in its burgers, something that didn’t amuse the real world McDonalds but since the strip uses a name that isn’t that close to McDonalds they’ve never been able to stop them showing it.

But that’s a comic strip set after a huge nuclear war and is deliberately farcial, there are plenty of ideas about how to feed the world’s populace that could work without such approaches in real life.

If the scientist under consideration here wishes to show his sincerity I’d say wait till one of his close family members passes on and hand him a knife and fork and tell him to start getting the oven ready.

JharekCarnelian . . .

Fringe silliness.

That’s what was said about the possibility of men competing in sports as girls too.

It was never addressed. Just dismissed.

Now these men are getting trophies competing as “girls” and “women”.

Now if you publicly oppose it, you get derided. Soon it will be law breaking to do so.

Beware of “fringe silliness” in today’s society.

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