Scientist suggests 'eating human meat' to tackle climate change

I’m just off to me favourite restaurant, ‘The Modest Proposal’, today’s menu is looking good.


Hey enjoy your meal JharekCarnelian.

Today’s starter is fried Irish babies on toast, the main is Irish labourers belly meat stewed to perfection.

If anyone is missing the point, ‘A Modest Proposal’ is a famous piece Swift wrote to satirize the British govt. response to hunger in Ireland. He suggested with tongue rammed fiercely in cheek that the whole problem could be solved if the Irish ate their kids. He wasn’t been deadly serious.

I don’t know if this bloke is equally playing at agent provocateur or is being serious but I can’t see us all wandering around the supermarket looking for the canned human eyeballs or something similar any time soon.

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I don’t know if this bloke is equally playing at agent provocateur or is being serious . . .

I was wondering the same thing when guys were saying they could be guys, one day, gals the next, and back to a guy the next.

Apparently they were serious.

Even after Swift’s satirical criticism, the British government’s response was not very good. Controlling the price of wheat to below the cost of production caused a shift to potato farming for sustenance and the results of a disease in a single crop which was overly relied upon have been well documented. It took Ireland something like 150 years for its population to return to pre-famine levels. I am here today because my great-great-grandparents brought their infant son to the US in the early 1840’s.

Maybe this silly idea from a Swedish scientist will be met with solutions that include both free markets and personal responsibility.

It also of course bred hate in the hearts of many who went to the States and that had repercussions later on. The sons and grandsons of those who went their in the 1840’s and after were instrumental in supplying aid and money to groups like the IRB and Fenians back in Ireland.

I suspect this rather dumb idea from this scientist will be forgotten fairly quickly. I’ve heard variations on it before over the years.

It’s OK. I don’t hate the English today because their distant ancestors did things that hurt my distant ancestors. The only IRA I would support is my Individual Retirement Account. I don’t hate Germans who wounded my father in 1945, or the Japanese who killed the uncle I never got to meet in 1945 in the Philippines.

I don’t even hate the telemarketer who woke me up at 8:02 this morning after I was up late listening to a very troubled young man I have been trying to help. If that telemarketer’s headset had exploded leaving him or her permanently deaf and disfigured, I would have felt bad about that for two or three minutes.

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That is remarkably charitable of you with regards to telemarketers who are surely the sons of Satan. Do you have those stupid spam phone calls in the US where a recorded voice starts of telling you, ‘We hear you have been in a car accident where you crashed the car?’ I love those here, sometimes it’s a real person reading from a script and since I don’t drive I always find it hilarious.

I have no dislike of the English on a daily basis, it is more difficult to justify that sort of tribalism actually living in England. I’m an Irish republican but the more vitriolic kind who talk about how evil all the English are would leave me cold as well.

We had a Indian priest in my parish for two years until he completed his graduate studies at Notre Dame and returned to India last year. I proposed that his next task would be to convert all the telemarketers in India, which would make him more popular than Mother Teresa.

I get at least 5 calls each week with a recorded message that they can lower the interest rate on all my credit cards to zero. They use a variety of false caller ID’s, including the real 800 numbers of real banks and refuse to give a physical address or a phone number so I can do some research and return their call. Even asking for that information causes them to get rude and profane, so of course I gave them all 40 of my credit card numbers—NOT. Some people must be dumb enough to fall for this because they keep calling.

My favourite is some bloke calling and telling me my PC was about to die and that he was calling from Microsoft and needed my bank account numbers to arrange urgent technical help.

An annoying one they do here is phone up and tell people they owe tax to HRMC, the inland revenue service. They never communicate with people via phones and always use paper for such demands. However they like to get a pensioner on the other end of the phone and panice them. One did it with my father telling him if he didn’t immediately pay up several thousand he would be going to jail. My father is elderly and not in great health and it is a good thing I was there. Because he started saying he was finished and would be in jail or on the streets. I just took the phone of him and told the bloke on the other end something unmentionable here. My father was still panicked so I range the inland revenue who told him it was a very annoying scam and that they were in the process of sending out literature warning people about it. My father still wouldn’t believe me till he got an official letter saying be careful of such scams.

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I get both of those types also. The only new one this week was a threat to cut off my electric service in 30 minutes if I did not pay them immediately. The caller ID showed AEP (American Electric Power), but had the wrong phone number and I was sure my bill had been paid. I have never been late on my bill, but I know that no one gets cut off with only 30 minutes notice even if they are many months delinquent. These people have enough imagination to be writing crime novels and earning a decent living that way.

They rely on frightening vulnerable people, AgeUK which is a charity for older people here has tonnes of information and always stresses no real organization would ever ask for information like this on a phone and yet many scared elderly people give it out because some of them have low education or don’t have kids nearby or living with them and are easily upset or panicked. One case in Ireland where there is a scam involving people trying to sell you things door to door in remote locales saw an old lady buying something like 28 pieces of high power DIY equipment because she felt intimidated.

Would it be safe to eat humans who had been fed a diet of Taco Bell? I remember seeing a video of rats at a New York City Taco Bell. Could it possibly be safe to eat humans who had eaten cats which had eaten rats from Taco Bell? They will need some serious regulation before this is allowed in Sweden.


Not sure they have Taco Bell in Sweden, very few of them here in the UK. They opened a few on a trial basis here in the last couple of years…

I would not want to eat human meat because of risks for neurological conditions.

Thinking Sapien was spot on with the post on prion related illnesses. Creutzfeld-Jakob disease is one that comes to mind.

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Admitedly these kids are not serious about wolfing down people. At least I don’t think so.

They don’t strike me as goofy as the scientist or as an ex-CNN news consultant might appear to me.

See an ex-CNN guy here (Reza Aslan brainstorming with some pagans about what [or who] to eat next.) . . . .

But still what an odd chant for these youth to even think of.

WATCH – D.C. Climate Strike Activists: ‘Don’t Eat Cows; Eat the Rich’


20 Sep 2019

A chant of “don’t eat cows; eat the rich” could be heard from a small group of young climate activists gathered in Washington, DC, to take part in the global climate strike on Friday.

As they chanted, they displayed signs that read, “Burning our future,” and, “Stop denying earth is dying.” . . .

More fomenting of class warfare in the minds of our youth. An enemy has done this to them.

MATTHEW 13:27-28a 27 And the servants of the householder came and said to him, ‘Sir, did you not sow good seed in your field? How then has it weeds?’ 28 He said to them, ‘An enemy has done this.’

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