Scientists and abortion

I have heard that most scientists believe life begins at conception. MY research has come to the same conclusion. Why, then, has the law not been changed. Is it just a matter of the “personhood” argument now, or have scientists just been unwilling or unable to form a consensus and go to Washington to get the law changed?

the scientists know already that the fetus is a human being from the start, even the abortion “doctors” know this. they just lie and argue that it isn’t because they believe that somehow this rids them of moral guilt. what sounds evil to you, murdering a human being or “surgically removing a mass of tissue”? of course you would say the second. the idea is that if they say it is just a ball of cells they are destroying, then they aren;t doing anything morally wrong, (but they are b/c it is not just cells.)

why do they want to keep having abortion mills running though if they know it is a lie and that the fetus is indeed a human being from conception? because the abortion industry is HUGE. many companies use aborted fetus’ in their products to test them, especially stem cells. PP just sells the dead fetus’ and makes truckloads of cash. so it’s really just some sick blood money marketplace. it’s not about women’s right to choose. if anything the Catholic Church is protecting women and their rights. but alas, Planned Parenthood and their lies have convinced many that fetus’ are not humans. Do NOT DRINK PEPSI. DO NOT BUY PEPSI. i used to drink it all the time till one day i found out that Pepsi uses aborted fetus’ to test their products. Pepsi even stated that it uses them but said they thought there was nothing wrong with it. so i beg u please do not support this evil organization of Pepsi even if you love it. the lives of millions are at stake! :mad:

What??? Are you serious?

i think they stopped using that testing companies ,but yes at one time they did.

They still use it. It’s actually not in the product itself, but in the testing materials. And it’s not just Pepsi, it’s the entire Pepsico company which includes all YUM brands (KFC, Pizza Hut, etc.) I think also Nestle is using them, I don’t know for sure. But, Campbell’s Soups used to use them, but changed when it got out into the public what they were doing. Well, hooray for Campbell’s!

So…let me gets this straight…you are all saying that aborted fetuses are being used as testing materials to make money?

Can you link some official sources? I find this hard to believe…reselling aborted fetuses for these purposes is absolutely monstrous.

Just Google Pepsi and abortion. It is a contract research company called Semonyx (I am typing this on my phone and the predictive text guessed I was typing demonic).

It’s a matter of culture. We live in a democracy, and so many of the public has been making themselves believe that fetuses aren’t people. That’s why it’s so important to educate people about the truth.

Don’t forget about “the ruler of this world.” We live in a culture blinded by sin. As Aquinas said, sin does two things, primarily: 1) it inflames the passions. 2) it darkens the intellect.
So the result of our “sexually liberated” society is that it has become so drunk on its own lust that it fails to see the destructive contradictions upon which it is built. Sex, the vehicle of new life and the lasting joy of unselfish giving in the form of parenthood, has become a vain search for fleeting pleasure and the constant effort and anxiety of trying to avoid disease. The end sum of this perversion has been nothing but a gross display of human misery for all involved. One can almost literally see the bitterness seeping out of our culture.

The cognitive dissonance that must be involved in keeping the multitudes mired in this sinful state unaware that they are causing their own misery is the same “darkening of the intellect” that causes them to be blind to the evil of abortion. In order to separate sex from child birth, the sanctity of the child must be denied altogether. But, of course, this is absurd, so their minds must be closed off to the matter completely. This is where colorful phrases like “pro-choice” “women’s rights”, etc. come in. All talk of the life of the child must be excluded altogether or, when brought to light by pesky Christians, be greeted with absolute vitriol. But it is not the Christian they are trying to beat down–it is the voice of their own conscience.

The devil is truly having his way with our culture, and I’m sure he’s satisfied for now. Unlike God, he can get many to serve him whether they believe in him or not. Since our society largely rejects the supernatural, he can’t get them to sacrifice on the altar of Moloch. But he clearly isn’t picky: a surgical table will serve just as well.

Did some additional research…apparently a lot of vaccines are made from aborted fetal tissue as well?

In the United States, 10 different vaccines for chicken pox, hepatitis A, polio, rabies, and rubella are cultured on aborted tissue from two fetal cell lines known as WI-38 and MRC-5. These vaccines are Varivax (chicken pox), Havrix (hep-A), Vaqta (hep-A), Twinrix (hep-A/hep-B), Poliovax (polio), Imovax (rabies), Meruvax II (rubella), MR-VAX (measles/rubella), Biavax II (mumps/rubella), and MMR II (measles/mumps/rubella). Alternative, pro-life vaccines are available in this country for all but the chicken pox, hepatitis A, and rubella inoculations.

My mind is blown…is our world really this evil?

Imagine that you are the night watchman at a medical facility and one night it catches on fire. In one room are six, one year-old children and in another, 30 frozen embryos. As the two rooms are at opposite ends of the facility and the fire is spreading rapidly, you only have time to evacuate one of the two rooms. Which do you choose? (You do not know the identities of either the children or that of the embryo donors.)

PepsiCo buys flavors from a company called Senomyx. That company tests some of the flavors it develops by using a cell line which was cultivated from a human embyronic kidney back in the 1970s.

But at the end of April 2012, PepsiCo announced that they would no longer purchase flavors which were tested in this manner.

Are you saying PepsiCo didn’t keep its word or are you saying something different?

Excellent link! :thumbsup:

Sorry! I was unaware that they had changed. This is great news! Is YUM brands a different company? I know they serve Pepsi products, but are they using the HEKs for testing things like pizza or chicken? I can’t find anything on this.

It’s really heartening to realize that our voices were heard. I wonder how many people don’t know that Pepsico changed.

YUM is the parent company for KFC, Pizza Hut, and Taco Bell. Not sure if they’re part of PepsiCo or not.

For the record and I am not one of your Ron Paul backers, he’s okay but by profession he’s an OB/GYN and you can clearly read him say on the web from his experience, “Life begins at conception”. The National Pro Life Alliance organization has a petition set up by Rand Paul, Ron’s son, where one can sign the “personhood bill” petition. If this ever passed, the unborn would have protection under the 14th amendment.

Wow. And Pepsi Co’s other companies if I am correct are Taco Bell and Frito Lay too I think. And a lot of us probably get some of these companies products from time to time.

I think science to is showing us when life begins.

There are actually 2 former Planned Parenthood executives/workers who crossed over to the Pro Life movement because they saw Ultra Sound Abortions, they saw that the Fetus was alive.

Abby Johnson’s experience is in that book “Unplanned”, that part of the book should be posed online. Riveting and something I will always remember.

It goes something like this, she was a director at Planned Parenthood, not a nurse but she was called to help in an abortion one time when they were short on workers, she was with another nurse and the doctor. She saw the ultrasound baby and then a tube vacuum image go into the image… and suck it away whereas the doctor made the light remark “beam me up Scotty”, honestly, that is in the book. And after seeing this, she quit Planned Parenthood.

Looks like this part may be online:

So, I think science may expose all of what goes on inside and what the babies awareness is more and more to the point where we may look at it as being ridiculous that abortion is available.

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