Scientists announced today that they have created the first successful human-animal hybrids


Wow. Remember satyrs?

I have always kind of pooh-poohed all that Armageddon Christian talk about demonic forces unleashed on earth…I don’t know so much anymore. Unfortunately that argument is becoming as reasonable an explanation of so many cultural phenomena as any other.


It has little relevance to this situation if you read about it in detail however.


I…I am honestly excited by this. So many possibilities.


Celebs and wealthy people wouldn’t be able to go out and become an embryo again for this type of modification.


I agree that chimeras (even the human part) do not necessarily have human souls just because they have human cells. But I am concerned that this is a very ethically complicated area and meddling with some types of chimeras can undermine the dignity of the human person, reducing us to nothing more than machines and chemical reactions to be improved on or manipulated.


Relevant, but this procedure is not a genetic hybrid but something different.


Using animals to produce organs or tissues for transplant to humans for medical reasons sounds perfectly ethical to me. The donor animals are certainly not hybrids.

Chimeras–human/beast combinations meant to give animal traits to humans–sound very evil.
True animal/human hybrids sound much more evil, and also not possible.


Of course they’re not offending God and doing evil on purpose.

In vitro fertilization — they intend to do good.

But it’s still not good.


The post I replied to said that was the goal.


Come on. Who doesn’t want cat ears or the ability to have a thirty minute orgasm? Transhumanist.


The troubling part is this is only the beginning.

It may be permissive now because no human life was destroyed, but this technology will allow unscrupulous scientists to create actual human:animal hybrids with fertilized human embryos.

Human embryos are already researched on. And since secularists don’t view embryos as humans, in their eyes, there is nothing unethical with human-animal hybrid embryos.

Or there will be some sort of justification to continue vile scientific practices.

Something has to be done to stop this from happening.


You are absolutely correct about undermining the dignity of the human person. We cannot ignore Genesis 1: 27.

While material science is a gift from God especially in the medical and communication arenas – Material science is not supreme as some people believe.


But for lead study author Jun Wu of the Salk Institute, we need only look to mythical chimeras—like the human-bird hybrids we know as angels—for a different perspective.


If figures that a magazine promoting transgenderims for children would use a line like this.

The perfectly divine angels being compared to a morally ambiguous (at best) lab experiment.

St. Michael and the choirs of Heavenly Host could not be reached for comment…:blush:


Science operates in a moral vacuum. That is the problem. Oppenheimer learned this the hard way, though there are many other offenders. And of course as a culture we worship science, not God. I question if science really sets any ethical barriers for itself.


I understand your fear, but this could lead to saving many many lives in need of organ transplants. Are we supposed to decry an experiment that is going to save lives because of what may become of this discovery? All knowledge can be used for good or evil. Is it not good to want to give people organs that they desperately need?


On average, 22 people die each day while waiting for a transplant.


I’m not against growing human-compatible organs in animals.

I’m against what will inevitably arrive: experimentation of human embryos with animal cells.

Not only does that destroy a human life, it degrades the human nature and being.

It is a slippery slope that will be used to attempt to justify unethical experiments. In the name of “science”.

Something must be set in place to make unlawful human embryo:animal research.


Sciencists should be using what God gave them to help people not using what God gave them to become gods


I’m a bit confused by your standpoint.

When scientific discoveries are made, regulations are put in place. I believe someone mentioned Oppenheimer? Well the nuclear weapon has been discovered and cannot be un-discovered, nor can the research done in this article be un-discovered. Regulations are put into place on nuclear weapons internationally to avoid mass destruction, since we can’t just forget how to build them.

There will be regulation, ethical regulation. Newfound knowledge is neutral, not evil, and it is being used for good in this case. Try to avoid immediately assuming that this is going to lead to a slippery unethical slope, and remember that lives are going to be saved with this.

Knowledge is power but not all power is corrupt.


No, there is no ethical regulation.

People experiment with in vitro fertilized human embryos. For the purpose of “understanding human development”.

We’re already on the slippery slope. Question is how fast are we going to go down it?

If regulations are not put in place NOW to prevent human embryo and animal hybrid research, it will be more difficult to regulate later.

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