Scientists as Heretics

I read the editorial link below and was amused when the author wrote:

Yet there were doubts about Mr. Mann’s methods and analysis from the start. In 1998, Willie Soon and Sallie Baliunas of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics published a paper in the journal Climate Research, arguing that there really had been a Medieval warm period. The result: Messrs. Soon and Baliunas were treated as heretics and six editors at Climate Research were made to resign.

Treated as heretics? I thought (well not really) enlightened science was totally objective and unbiased. Three centuries after the secular enlightenment, enlightened science is hijacked to push hidden political and moral agendas. This is not the first time.

Philosophers from the secular enlightenment would like us to think science is the objective end to rational thinking. Beyond that, you enter the irrational speculation.

I’ll stick with the original enlightenment. John 9:5 “I am the light of the world”

It is when done right. But as with Christianity you have people who manipulate toward their own ends.

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