Scientists confirm a 'new' human organ


For centuries, the mesentery (which links the intestine to the abdomen) has been treated as a group of distinct structures in your digestive system. It wasn’t anything special. However, the medical world now has to rethink that belief. Scientists recently determined that the mesentery is really one, cohesive entity – that’s right, they confirmed the existence of a ‘new’ organ. Researchers first discovered the continuous nature of the mesentery through microscopic examinations in 2012, but the past few years have shown that it has enough function to be considered an organ.




I fail to see what is so remarkable about this change in classification of the mesentery as an organ. It looks like just a definitional change. The only some-what remarkable discovery was the fact that the mesentery is continuously connected. But they did that back in 2012. Now they say they have found “enough functions” in the mesentery to push it over the top. This finding is like the finding that Pluto is not a planet.


Yes, but Pluto got demoted, and the once lowly mesentery has been promoted.


I don’t fail to see what is so remarkable!



Mostly agree. I think it’s mildly newsworthy just because these kinds of classifications don’t happen nearly as often in the human body as they do with celestial bodies, though.


What is remarkable is that this is a good example of “settled” science being updated by new data. It happens in all areas of science. So if it’s settled … it is, until it’s updated!:thumbsup:


The three of us agree. Scary. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. Now school books need to be updated just like it happened with the case of the Solar System.


Exactly. What if medicine had historically considered the intestines to be all one organ and now in 2017, “Ooops! The large and small are separate organs”?


It would be noteworthy as progress in our understanding of the human body. Spectacular? Probably not. Interesting? Certainly, in my opinion.


Pluto got demoted?!?!?!

You mean… he’s no longer Mickey’s dog!!! :smiley:


Too little, too late. Nothing will make up for that. :dts:


The little I read made it seem that doctors are interested in this because it gives them a new place to look to solve issues like Crones and IBS.


If that were the case medical science would move forward because they would also discover that the large and small intestines have different functions and different things can go wrong with either one.


This opens new vistas for my hypochondria. Now my mesentery hurts.


Diversity in the human body is much more prevalent than most authorities would be comfortable thinking.

Changes in classification cause profound organisational disruption.

I say this as a person with diverse digestion (still working for me after many decades) myself.

So many children in pain get told “don’t be so stupid” (both those more should be done for, and those who should just plain get more respect for where they’re at).


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