Scientists discover 'Zealandia' - a hidden continent off the coast of Australia


Geologists claim to have discovered a new continent to the east of Australia: Zealandia. At 4.9 million square kilometres of land mass, 94 per cent of which is under water, Zealandia would be the world’s smallest continent.

The 11 scientists behind the claim presented their findings in the study “Zealandia: Earth’s Hidden Continent” in Geological Society of America, making a case for Zealandia to be recognised as the world’s eighth continent in its own right.

According to their study, the land mass comprises all the four attributes needed to be considered a continent, including the presence of different rock types and crucially “the high elevation relative to regions floored by oceanic crust.”



Why did they only found our now?
If there WAS a hidden continent, it
would have surfaced in the news
media ages ago!! I suspect it is a
false rumor.


China will send a patrol boat out to claim it.


The big question here is, will there be Hobbits living there?


Maybe Atlantis has been found at last! ;):stuck_out_tongue:


Its Trumballs’ plot to annex kiwiland


Next---------Lemuria and Atlantis!!!

Seriously now-----good post and good news.

Not everything has to be negative these days.


OK – Pluto is not a planet, but NZ is a continent? :eek:

O noes!! What a time we live in!! O tempura, o mores!!* :crying:

*Latin, “O, today’s battered morals…”


Didn’t they also recently discover a submerged continent somewhere in the Indian Ocean? Does that make this the second such discovery this year?


Yeah, really! What about Greenland, guys?! Anybody else seen the size of that thing?!


Greenland isn’t even its own country. Is it ever going to be independent? :shrug:


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