Scientists find bugs that eat waste and excrete petrol

They teach you two things in thermodynamics:

  1. You can’t win.

  2. You can’t break even.

That said, I could see landfills converted to oil fields.


I still say Sapphire Energy’s algae to gasoline is also promising and you will not need the biomass.

Sapphire Energy unveils world’s first renewable gasoline

I saw something on a news program not that long ago - about converting algae into fuel. It wouldn’t use the room or energy to produce like other biofuels.

You would still need the production tanks, but they can be placed in unproductive areas. Another advantage is that seawater or contaminated water could be used. Oxygen and filtered water is byproducts

My guess is it would take millions of these bugs to produce enough. What would would happen if these millions of bugs escaped and started to eat people. Making of a good sci fi movie…

Another major problem … if you wanted to count them, you’d have to start right away!


It would take more than a million of these bugs (bacteria) to cover the area of the head of a pin. A household compost heap has billions of them.

The “bugs” are not the limit of output, it is limited by input.


Even if we find a sustainable renewable source of oil, what do we do about all those emissions. Climate change and health concerns.

I don’t know whether Global Warming is real or not, but Carbon-Dioxide, Carbon-Monoxide and other emissions are having a negative influence on the air we breathe and our environment.

What do we do about those?

That is why algae based systems are desirable. CO2 goes in O2 goes out

The bugs eat waste which is biomass. This is sequestered carbon, a renewable resource. The algae would do the same thing, but it would skip a step.


No fair … !!

It was my intention to mention the household compost heap. Such an undignified name … we should call it something different … give it a more melifluent name. Organic Nano Household Biomass Converter.

But it needs to have a clever acronym.

Nano Organic HOusehold Mass Ejector.

Well, we need to work on it some more; they’re going to time me out!

Methane, which is a “Greenhouse Gas.” So remember, every time you go “Oops!” a polar bear dies.:smiley:

Sounds more like “Windy the Pooh”!


Utilized for

(who remains flattered by your acronym)

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