Scientists Genetically Engineer a Form of Gluten-Free Wheat



This is gonna be interesting :thinking: Probably gonna be a lot of debate over this.


Oh great! We can make a sandwich with it using some lab created mystery meat.


I’ll eat some! I know it’s gonna ignite Gluten Free Host debate. It’s quite interesting :thinking:


I have no idea why it might start a debate.

It might be interesting to see if all gluten is removed, or most, and how that compares with how low gluten hosts rate.


I just assume controversy will envelop it. The Church requires Gluten. However, this is still technically wheat. There’s gonna be nitpicking :unamused:


The wizard of Wall Street says…


Another reason, besides the “hand or mouth” controversy that I only receive the cup…nothing left to fight over!:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I like your style!:smile::+1:


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