Scientists have discovered how to find your bad memories and DELETE them from your mind for good


It is the medical breakthrough which could cheer us up - boffins have found a way to banish bad memories for our brains forever.

In news that will be particularly good for England football fans, experts have developed a way to delete unwanted memories from the brain.

The process mirrors the storyline in the hit movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind although it fails to bring happiness to Jim Carrey’s character.

University of Toronto experts have discovered that although there are millions of brain cells in the brain, only a handful are linked to bad memories.

And in groundbreaking studies on mice, they were able to pinpoint those brain cells associated with “fear or threat” memories - and delete them.



At first it sounds like a cool idea, but I can think of so many negative consequences. Like if you don’t remember that someone is an abuser or is dangerous.


I think the bad memories are important. How did we learn from them if we can’t remember them.


That’s true. And my bad memories have allowed me to reach out to others and help them through similar situations.


This could be a powerful technique to help individuals suffering from PTSD; however, I imagine the potential for abuse is also there. Perhaps Captain Kirk said it best.


Yes, someone suffering from severe PTSD who is not improving with other treatments could definitely benefit. I have PTSD, but it has greatly improved over the past few years. Others are not so lucky.


I could understand this being used in very specific situations, but the majority of bad memories are often better kept as memories.


I was just thinking about this, too.

No one wants them, to be sure, but at the same time, we can help others from what we’ve been through and from what we have learned.


Exactly. I was thinking this before I saw your post.


what if good memories were also accidentally erased. I could see how the outcome could might not be what one would hope for.


Is there anyone here that believes we are not formed by the bad as well as the good?

This is not a good idea.


I don’t think this would ultimately be a good thing.
And, in the wrong hands, it could be used to create a docile population.
I’m looking forward to Heaven, where all tears will be wiped away.


Booze is cheaper.


I’m assuming that no happy memories will be found in fear or threat associated brain cells.

If scientists are unable to target solely bad memories, then I doubt this concept would be utilized at all.


all it would take would be one mistake.


In my line of thought a bad memory comes from bad experiences. They are what made each one of us in the character we have…

Good judgement comes from bad judgement.

I’d rather keep my bad memories as a reminder of what can happen from the above.


good point!


Maybe they could come up with the mental version of a “recycle bin”, so you could “undelete” the memories if necessary…


My late grandmother; a woman of powerful personality, considered painful memories a “blessing”, a 'grace", because, she said, the pangs of memory and conscience should motivate us our whole lives long. Those are our teaching moments.

Personally, I think she was not only right, but very wise.


I have several bad memories that I would happily delete. Sure bad memories make us who we are, but for me the idea of being someone else is extremely appealing.

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