Scientists Not So Sure 'Doomsday Machine' Won't Destroy World

I’m hoping that the mini black holes generated by the LHC won’t eat the Earth.

However, if the project is a success, can commercial apps be far behind? Soon kids will be able to generate micro black holes using their cell phones, and then what’s gonna happen when they all get together at a black hole event, and all those tiny black holes merge?? Now you’ve got a problem…

I hope and pray that when the end does come, more people than not will be ready. Unfortunately, the path is narrow that leads to salvation. :frowning: I fear that many people will be lost. :frowning: All one can do is pray.

Or maybe they will weaponize it. Create a black hole in an enemy’s city but just so it lasts long enough to eat that city, not the whole earth :eek:

Maybe we won’t have to worry about it because we’ll be taken out by some asteroid (not this one, an unknown one) instead.

The Earth had company this week when an asteroid practically grazed the planet - passing by just 400,000 miles away. That’s less than twice the distance of the Earth to the Moon.

The 8-metre-wide rock, known as 2009 BD, is a co-orbital asteroid, which means it orbits the Sun on almost the same plane as Earth does. The coupling offers rare opportunities to discover more about asteroids.

Rather than speeding past fleetingly like most asteroids, co-orbital ones synch up with Earth and perform a spiralling dance around it, sometimes lasting for many months or even years. They are sometimes referred to as second moons, despite their diminutive size. …

Link and rest of article:

8 meters isn’t even enough to destroy a small town let alone the world. Usually asteroids of that size disintegrate in the atmosphere or break apart. Regardless the 8 meter’s isn’t enough mass to create the energy needed. I really want to do the math proof on here, if anyone is interested I can demonstrate! :wink:

If they can notice ones of that size, then certainly the odds are very low that we will completely miss one hundreds of meters or kilometer’s wide which is needed to end mankind. Unless they pull the program that records asteroids, I’m confident they won’t miss one or at least know years before a large one would hit earth. As of now, in 2004 an asteroid named Apophis was predicted to hit earth in 2036 but now they know it will miss earth narrowly. That was really the closes call we’ve had yet and even if it is on a collision course. That gives us what like 18 years to prepare for it? Plenty of time for me to build my underground reinforced steel home :thumbsup:

Even then it’s possible if we find a way to deflect it or live underground for months to years we could survive.

If a black hole becomes that large, surely it will grow larger until there is no nearby matter to feed it in which it would disintegrate after it swallows the earth and the moon.

I can’t see that ever being a reality unless particle accelerators somehow become the price of today’s PC’s and even then I’m sure our government would put some kind of ban or licensure to professionals only who can own them.

Also the black holes that occur if any are sub atomic in nature meaning they are way way too small to be of any threat and their life span is that of a tiny fraction of a second and particle accelerators are vacuums themselves meaning there isn’t enough matter nearby for one to grow. That said, while I’m not a physicist that is what I’ve heard many say.

According to the article linked in post #1, the concern is precisely that the decay times might not be a “tiny fraction of a second” but could last longer than one second. A black hole that lasts too long is one that causes worry.

Regardless, I think the black holes formed are way way too small to absorb any matter nearby since the particle accelerator itself is a vacuum. Unless they somehow feed it matter or it feeds off of some leaked matter in order for it to grow. Otherwise it will simply dissipate whether it is 0.00001 seconds or 2 seconds. Since the black holes are sub atomic meaning as small as they can be, they are way too small and way too weak and way to separated from matter to absorb and grow.

Black holes out in space feed off nearby stars and interstellar gas and all sorts of matter to sustain itself and grow, even then once it eats everything it can they eventually grow smaller and dissipate. Same with sub atomic scale black holes.

We’ve been here before. When the first atomic bomb was tested some scientinst feared it would ignite the atmosphere and destroy the world

yep, very true!

December 21, no doubt…those wiley Mayans.

Wait a minute…I see a lot of holes in this story…almost like some sort of cheese…So the Swiss are doing this?

Does anyone see the correlation here?

Between the Swiss and holes?:nerd:

This experiment is skewed and the scientists know it. They know they can never get the results they are looking for because they can never recreate the conditions of the big bang. Scientists say that not only was all the matter and energy created in the big bang, but also all the SpaceTime. The big bang happened in true perfect vacuum. This experiment is taking place in pre-existing SpaceTime and this changes absolutly everything about the experiment. SpaceTime also has something called a zero point feild which contains limitless energy. If the experiment is a sucess, an ever expanding feild of SpaceTime must also be created and expand throughout the universe, destroying everything it encounters (read our universe) This new feild of SpaceTime must include it’s own zero point feild and whatever new laws of physics it brings.

In short, the experimenters have no idea what they will get if things do not go as planned and they certainly will have no way of stoping it once it has started. Most likely this will be some grand, multi billion dollar fizzle. Some interesting particles will no doubt be discovered but nothing like a real big bang, if that’s what really happened.

I think they did that in the original “Ghostbusters” movie, non?

But on a serious note: the world is going to end somehow, whether from simple entropy running it’s course or us doing something colossally stupid. It’s really nothing to be afraid of if you have your spiritual bags packed and ready to go.

According to the Electric Universe model there’s no such thing as black holes

Looks like the electric universe model has a black hole in it. FAIL.

lol the original ghost buster’s movie is a child’s movie. It even part of the laws of physics. If a ghost is composed of matter even transparent matter such as smoke or dusty material or something similar then yes you can use a vacuum to catch it but if it was composed of matter, they wouldn’t be able to dissapear and reappear or go through solid walls which most of them seem to do therefore you can’t catch them because there’s simply nothing to catch.

On the other topic, yes the world will inevitably end someday either we will annihilate ourselves via nuclear bombs, war, disease, or human induced climate change. If we somehow make it to the point where we haven’t all killed ourselves yet and the world starts to live in peace and technology gets to the point where it can wipe away disease and famine then even still statistically an asteroid or comet is due to wipe us out in a few thousand or maybe a couple million years. But by that point I’d hope we’d have already explored parts of the galaxy and can easily find other homes. Even if we make it to that point and start living a star trek kind of world then it is speculated the universe itself will someday stop expanding and start contracting and will have an end. But that is billions of years away and I don’t even know what humans would look like or even exist at that point.

The thing is, the state the human race is at now is the most dangerous and yet critical point in our evolution and our own survival. Our technology has gotten to the point where we can literally end the world in the push of a button and it’s really a miracle we’re still alive given that our technology has greatly evolved but our primitive desires and emotions have not ( human greed, wars over land, resources, territory, religion ect. ) so all we need is another world war with Iran, China, and Russia involved and that could be the end.

Surely I will pray that doesn’t happen and we can get to the point of global peace. But you are right, it is good to always be in check and have your spiritual bags packed for all we know WW III could start tomorrow.

Triggering the Doomsday Device

This will not happen, a machine cannot be built that will travel faster than the speed of light, and for this type of travel to be possible, that machine is what is required… even Star Trek agrees that without “Warp Speed”(which is a fictional device and, quite sadly, nothing more) we couldn’t even make it to Alpha Centuri, which is 4 roughly light years away(correct me if i’m wrong). Let alone the problem of artifical Gravity, which also has yet to be cracked(although it is remotly possible).

If the world isn’t hit by another comet, it’s likely that when the Sun inevitibly goes supernova, it will totally destroy the planet.

Human beings will not destory the Planet, we can unbalance it somewhat(I do not believe we will change it to make it uninhabitable, but we probally will change it significantly), but we cannot actually wipe it out totally. Only God has that power, and it could be the Sun’s Supernova that he uses.

Just to be mindnumbingly technical, a “warp drive” is fictional. Warp speed is the speed that a ship can be warped, meaning, moved by cables fastened on an anchor or pier. Very slow. I wonder if Roddenberry had a sense of humor in using the nautical term.

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