Scientists shocked to discover plankton on exterior of International Space Station


For those who believe there could be life in space, this discovery is huge: Scientists have reportedly found traces of plankton on the outside of the International Space Station.

Russian scientists discovered the plankton while studying samples from the exterior of the ISS — samples they only found because they were doing a routine cleaning of the ISS’ windows. Scientists are now baffled about how these marine organisms made their way into space.

This is a cool discovery.


For God, all is possible.


We have known for some time that certain microorganisms can survive in space. Tardigrades, which are a form of plankton, are one example.


Wow! Other life in space!

Alien plankton!



The space whales have to eat something. :shrug:




Please let’s not let this news get out. I don’t want space plankton to be declared a protected species, or be regulated by the EPA.


The Extraterrestrial Protection Agency? I think they have their hands full simply tracking the ETs which are wandering around on earth.

Plankton in orbit…that’s small stuff. Unless it isn’t small. I guess the term “plankton” refers to any living thing which depends on ocean currents for movement. Even jellyfish are plankton. That Russian scientist didn’t say what kind of plankton are coating the International Space Station. If they are jellyfish, I would be concerned. Some jellies get quite large, and their tentacles may be poisonous. I would hate to have an astronaut, out for a sunny spacewalk, get lashed in the face by one of those things.


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