Scientists try to calm '2012' hysteria

As an upcoming action movie fuels Internet rumors, several scientists make public statements: The world will not end in 2012, and Earth is not going to crash into a rogue planet.

If you scan the Internet or believe the marketing campaign behind the movie “2012,” scheduled for release in November, you might be forgiven for thinking so. Dozens of books and fake science websites are prophesying the arrival of doomsday that year, by means of a rogue planet colliding with the Earth or some other cataclysmic event.

Normally, scientists regard Internet hysteria with nothing more than a raised eyebrow and a shake of the head. But a few scientists have become so concerned at the level of fear they are seeing that they decided not to remain on the sidelines this time.

“Two years ago, I got a question a week about it,” said NASA scientist David Morrison, who hosts a website called Ask an Astrobiologist. “Now I’m getting a dozen a day. Two teenagers said they didn’t want to see the end of the world so they were thinking of ending their lives.”,0,4123180.story?track=rss

**Doomsday 2012, the Planet Nibiru, and Cosmophobia

Thanks for the link. I think I will go into my millenium shelter just to be safe. It will only be twelve years old by then and no end of the world yet. It would be a shame to waste it.

when i owned a new age gift shop i got asked about the Mayan 2012 thing all the time, and that was… 6 years ago. and there wasnt any movie hype. nor was there much knowledge of this in the “mainstream” now i see it at the grocery store in the Tabloids and all…

a lot of people get led on by the hype…
especially with the tabloids. you know “Secret of Fatima really confirms Mayan calender! world ending 2012…”
or etc.

there shall be wars and rumors of wars… so what else is new?

I predict the year 2012 will mark the end to daylight savings time, lol

Seriously, since it states in scripture, how not even the Son knows the final date of the end of the world, the very fact that we have people predicting it to be 2012 by default means it is absolutely not the end what so ever, otherwise it would make scripture false, and as we know, it is not.

considering the state of our world right now, i can see how easy it would be to buy into the hype of 2012 and the end of the world.

we who read scripture, know what the Bible says, but there are so many who listen to the media and believe so much of what they say. so i can understand the hysteria.

what do the scientists plan to do to calm the fears of those thinking the world will come to an end in december of 2012?

Hi, Fabricdragon,

Now, just hold on there for a minute… :smiley: You have no idea the pressure that goes on EVERY WEEK at these tabloids… :wink: Think about it - EVERY WEEK their writers have to come up with something so outrageous that it will actually cause someone to pick their mag off of the rack while they are waiting in line … and actually buy it!

Such creative writing does not come easy … well… it probably wouldn’t if they did not keep on recycling their doom’s day material every 10 years or so… :smiley: The way I figure it, if ‘Inquiring Minds really want to know’ … they would never go to the tabloids! :thumbsup: You know… it must have been very difficult to get the pictures they published … without PhotoShop! :eek:

God bless

Go figure that 2012 is an election year, ironic don’t ya think. So much manufactured hysteria is just that, manufactured…artificial

Grace and Peace be with you all. OK , anyone remember the Y2K scare of the year 2000? Believe it or not, I actually heard a priest say back in the early "80’s that the world would end in the year 2000. Not.

Predictions about the end of the world have been going on since the day of St. Paul. who believed that Christ would return in his lifetime. And let’s not forget the Jehovah’s Witnesses who are always setting new dates for the end of the world and are proven wrong. Then there are those misguided souls of the Heaven’s Gate cult.

I used to get very worried about all of that stuff until I finally realized it was a bunch of nonsense and started paying attention to Christ’s words, that no one knows the date of the end of the world except the Father (And He ain’t telling!)

Rather than worry about the possible date of the end of the world, it would be best if we were always ready for Christ’s return, like the wise virgins who were prepared for the coming of the bridegroom. Trying to see into the future, especially by reading the tabloids, is pure foolishness. Most if not all of the nonsense that is published in those magazines is made up.

Be like the Boy Scouts, Always Prepared!! (But don’t sell your house and head for the hills.) Blessings to you all.

2012 Refuted was produced by a protestant ministry, but the refutation of the date is good. (The last part of the video is the film makers personal opinions. You can take them as they are or not.)

There are a lot of films being produced by the New Age movement in an attempt to promote their belief in the coming of a New Age and a New Messiah. Most of these films seem to have appeared only on the internet. All of them are centered around the 2012 date.

Watch this short film and you will understand the origin of the 2012 craze, but most of all you’ll understand how some people are reacting to this information. Millennialism is certainly running rampant.

I personally find the whole Millenialist phenomena fascinating. We live in an age of fear, and we need to remember to “Be not afraid”.

Well they were 4 years off then. After all, the “new Messaih” got elected in 2008!

I doubt the world will end in 2012, but I have zero confidence in “scientists” trying to calm us down. These are the same folks that once cited Eugenics as the one solution to preserve the human race, and they predicted a global ice age and famine back in the 70s. A little human experience is the just the antidote to all the claims swirling in the scientific and unscientific communities. A lot of faith helps too.

What can I say to all this foolishness ?

No God, No Peace .
Know God, Know Peace .

Of course the world is going to end in 2012. The world will burn up. But then again, the planet will freeze up and crush itself under a sheet of ice.


Some say the world will end in fire, some say ice. But what I’ve tasted of desire, I’d rather it ended in fire. But ice would be just as nice (Like Robert Frost)

mathematical proof the world will end in 2012: add the one and two which equals three. multiply the remaining two with that three which equals six. Six is half of twelve. There were twelve apostles. That means half of what we need will be here in 2012. Therefore, the world will rip in half in 2012 and everything will be destroyed. See, mathematical proof the world will end in 2012.

logical proof the world will end in 2012: Dates are like like addresses: odd or even. 2012 is an even number. Even things are flat and smooth. In 2012 the world will be flat and smooth, smooth as a billiard ball-- no oceans, no mountains-- just a smooth surface. This means we will have not water, because there won’t be any place to put it. Therefore, the water will be sucked out into outer space, the atmosphere will disappear and will all die of thirst or suffocate unless you have a bottle of soda to drink or somebody is blowing hot air at you.


Maths is not a particular strength of mine, but it all seems logical when you put it that way.

Thanks for making me laugh!

I wonder though, if the world would end by being on “Fire”, yet for the Lord…??? This is a context that probably should be discussed as to what is written in scripture on the matter. If we all were on fire for God, our world, the old one, would very much be a thing of the past, it would essentially have came to an end. That would be wonderful indeed!!!

“The world will not come to an end on Dec. 21, 2012,” E.C. Krupp, director of Los Angeles’ Griffith Observatory, declared in a statement released Thursday by the observatory and Sky & Telescope magazine. Krupp debunks the 2012 doomsday idea in the cover story of the magazine’s November issue.

Same issue I have with people that believe the earth will end at that time…

How do you know?

i had a thought and you know that sad part about this is?

if scientists say that the 2012 thing came from the bible, people will stop believing it will happen

well, true Christians know that no one knows the day or hour so they shouldn’t have been pulled into this. so its the non-believers who would rather believe Mayan calendars than the bible. sad but its increasingly true especially in the western world

Dear Spiritu: Thanks for seeing through my thin veneer of mockery. Remember, if somebody tells you the world will end in 2025, agree with them, add the numbers together and derive some imbecilic conclusion. Baloney deserves a meat grinder.

I used to be a skeptic, but you can’t argue with logic like that. X-D

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