Scientologist arrested in Russia for 'stealing $2m and giving it to Church'


**A follower of Scientology has been accused of swindling money from Russians and funneling it to her Church in a fradulent operation.

Ekaterina Zaborskikh allegedly stole $2 million, or 130 million roubles, from prospective buyers for apartments and homeswhich were never built.

At least some of the money was siphoned off and sent to the Church of Scientology in Moscow, an indictment in St Petersburg has alleged.

“Detectives in Saint Petersburg found that some of the stolen funds had been transferred to the account of this religious organisation in Moscow,” a spokesperson for the internal affairs ministry told the Rossiya channel.

"The suspect is a member of this organisation.

“The investigation does not exclude the possible involvement in this crime on the part of officials and coordinators of this religious organisation.”**

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And I hope I didn’t post this in the wrong category. While it’s true that I consider Scientology purely a business venture which expropriates the work of Alfred Korzybski for commercial purposes, at the same time it isn’t my intention to be uncharitable. Rather I’m just trying to be strictly accurate. But if this post fits better in non-Catholic Religions, then I apologise for my error.


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