Scientology leader accused of violence|aimzones|dl2|link3|

“It was random and whimsical. It could be the look on your face. Or not answering a question quickly. But it always was a punishment,” said Mike Rinder, who oversaw the church’s legal and media relations operations. Rinder said he was struck many times by Miscavige and that he also hit others before leaving in 2007.

In a response to the paper, the church denied the allegations, saying that the four former executives statements were “absolute and total lies,” and the claims are an effort to tarnish Miscavige, who has led the church for more than two decades. A spokesman said Sunday the church provided documentation that the claims the four made were false.
Marty Rathbun, who served on the church’s board and was a top lieutenant of Miscavige’s, said he was often ordered by Miscavige to attack others.

DM doesn’t seem like a good boss to have.

How do we know this isn’t just a ploy of the church? What if they’ve deliberately asked these men to pretend to leave so they could make the accusations against Scietology seem ridiculous, which in turn would make the church look better? I mean, Scientology is pretty crazy. I’d imagine they’d go to such lengths.

I don’t think it is a ploy at all. There are many examples of DM hitting people if you listen to other critics.

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