Scientology National Ad Campaign

I’m posting this thread because of my son’s reaction to the commercials that CoS is now running on television.

They call it “The Way to Happiness” and in light of CoS practices I’ve read about on this thread it’s hard to think of as anything less than downright evil (my comments here are cross-posted).

Through these ads, they are targeting young people, even young Christians, who know there is a higher moral order. The values expounded on are good values and the commericials are clever and entertaining. I mean, would that the Church could have such a savvy marketing department! But given where it leads, it’s truly a road straight to hell.

My son made me watch these commercials last night. “Look mom! I don’t know who is doing these commercials, I think it may be Scientology, but aren’t they great?” And they were. Really clever, and TRUE. (We are so hungry for truth). His reaction: “I think I want to learn more about Scientology, just to see what their theology is.”

I decided to beat him to it, and I can’t believe what I’ve found.

Moms and Dads, please watch these commercials. Be aware of the fact that this is a national advertising campaign. We saw them during the prime-time “So You Think You Can Dance” program that our family loves.

Become versed in Scientology so that you can warn your kids against it and tell them the truth about it before its too late.

The Way to Happiness Commericals
The Church of Scientology Youtube Channel

Scientology Official Web Site
Why We Protest
Stop Scientology Abuses

God bless!

Scientology has always seemed to benefit from pretty solid PR. It’s sort of amazing to think of how some home-made religion some guy came up with, which includes lots of peculiar beliefs, has managed to present itself so credibly to so many people. If only they used their PR talents for the right team!

Those commericals are like a manifestation of the devil’s empty promises.

“The prostitute is beautiful, but death lies between her legs.” - Old proverb

Aren’t they though? Just like Scientology itself.

I saw an ad for this ’ religion ’ and it sounded to me like a business ad rather than a spirtual.

It is a business, originally.
Hubbard came up with a pseudoscientific health program called Dianetics and sold it. The AMA demanded evidence that it worked. There was none, so he declared it a religion and called it Scientology. Because the religion aspect was a mid-Cnetury science fiction story, he kept the full story from newcomers, saying they weren’t ready for it all at once. It was leaked a generation ago.

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