Scientology, Tom Cruise, and Catholicism

Reportedly, yes. Cruise is one of most high-profile Scientologists in the country, and convinced Holmes to convert to the religion before their wedding in 2005. At first, reports The Daily Beast, Holmes was game, even allowing a church representative to accompany her to a W magazine shoot soon after her coupling with Cruise, and refusing to answer any question the representative didn’t approve of. But she eventually became exasperated with the restrictive religion, and “reportedly hadn’t been seen inside a Scientology Church for some time.” She even enrolled her daughter, Suri, in a Catholic preschool.


where is your source?

Hopefully she will now go back to practicing her faith.

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Perhaps she was scared Xenu or Xemu (whatever his name is) would brake out of his prison with the eternal battery and summon a world wide tax inspection that would start the end of the world…

Or maybe she came to her senses and realized “this guys a nut”!

I just had a thread going about this. Interesting that people get caught up in this scam.

I pray for their souls…

I “heard” that the reason for the split was religion. Both were raised Catholic, and while Katie it seems embraced this for a time [Scientology], I believe the idea of their child being rasied Catholic became a critical concern. How for sure all this is, I do not know. I believe we will hear at some point. Its very logical IMHO. Tom it seems was over board with all this Scientology. However here’s the latest.

Growing up, maturity, a mother concerned about a child, all seems very logical for a rational thinking Orthodox Christian.

I think she just really missed her high heal shoes!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Welcome home Katie!! I pray that she gets into a good Catholic Church that will help her find her way back in communion with the Church. It will take a lot of love and patients to deprogram her from a Cult.

I don’t really know what they believe. Does anyone else know? We have a building called Christian Scientist, are they the same?


It is always sad when a marriage breaks down. Ok some would say they were never really married because he had been divorced. However, they did make a commitment and have a child, so I think they are in need of a little charity, and prayers, they are in a horrible place right now. I know, been there done that, but not with the world glaring at me, ready to dig up or invent dirt.

I’m not so much interested in the gossip. A few weeks ago I picked up a People magazine in a waiting room and was amazed at how many “celebraties” I never heard of before. I just don’t pay that much attention to the neverending Hollyweird soap opera.
However this story has forced scientology into the light of day, people can see what a cult can do and how it destroys lives, famous or not. It also testifies to the power of Holmes’ Baptism. Her Catholic upbringing obviously had an effect.

No. The Church of Scientology is not and does not even claim to be a Christian religion.

Christian Science is an entirely different animal. While it is Christian in an academic sense, it is not orthodox. It denies fundamental Christian doctrines while rejecting medical treatment believing that by following the teachings of Mary Baker Eddy healing can be attained.

My concern for Katie is their threat to use her statements against her…do they have some kind of sensitivity session…in hopes that Scientology will help their weaknesses?..but they record them to use them for blackmail instead?

I would think for them to use her statements against her…it looks like she is more in a divorce with them…terrible.

However when rumors were going on that Tom Cruise was evangelizing actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett they were saying you could be Christian and Scientologist. sort of like some Buddist would say.

Meanwhile actor Val Kilmer used to host a Christian Science infomercial. I wonder if it is still running? In the end Christian Scientist used to be btter known for their newspaper the Christian Science Monitor then for any distinctiveness of their faith. However since it is no longer published daily and is web only the status as one of the world’s great newspapers has been dropping

CSM went web only in order for the costs to work - printing papers and mailing them had gotten too expensive and they wanted to spend money on gathering stories. Honestly, CSM has great reporting on real issues: For example, the Catholic answer for the HHS mandate has gotten the good coverage it deserves in the CMS.

Years ago, Nicole Kidman dumped Scientology (afer HER divorce from Tom Cruise) and managed to find her way back home to Catholicism, have that marriage annuled and go on to remarry in the Catholic Church; I hope the same for Katie Holmes.

Scientology has a practice called “auditing” in which participants are increasingly persuaded to reveal their dirtiest secrets and most torturous thoughts. If you don’t have any, they’ll suggest some to you, like “would you ever do this?” These sessions are recorded so that later on, if you choose to leave, whatever information you divulged about yourself can be used to blackmail you.

I can’t believe that people are actually willing to do this kind of thing.

Well, look up Operation Snow White, Operation Freakout, Operation Normandy… There’s nothing Scientology will stop at.

Yes, I am praying for her…they could just about destroy her by the time they are done…

I would think the court would also be able to deal with this kind of manipulatiion…to violate a person’s inner sanctuary…you are now entering into the place where their personhood can be destroyed…never be the same again.

I am afraid she is naive in this and has no idea how much harm they can possibly do to her…but then this would also strengthen her case to keep the daughter.

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