Scientology? Travolta?


Let me first say that my heart goes out to the Travolta family and the loss of their son. That is as close to hell on earth as you can come.:gopray2:

But what is other peoples opinion of this Religion? I do not know much about it, and was wondering what others knew or felt about it? Or is it not a Religion, I know nothing about it at all.


It is a bizarre, controlling cult from what I hear. It is entirely based on a work of science fiction by L. Ron Hubbard.

It denies any form of mental or neurological condition like depression or autism. Many people think Jett was autistic and the family denied it because of scientology.


Oh my, Then its kinda like what Oprah is trying to push on people. That step out of the box type stuff. Throw away your bible, stray from the teaching’s of the Church. :mad:


Praying for Travolta family…


Prayers for them in their loss, and that they may truly find God


I saw an expose on TV a while back on this cult. Its major tenant is that L. Ron Hubbard is God the Father incarnate. That blew my mind. Pray for these poor people.


They should be relieved…their son, a Thetan will be back (reincarnated)?:

Spirit, body and mind

In common with most religions, Scientology is basically concerned with the origin and nature of the universe and has an associated mythology that its believers hold to reflect religious truth, even when such myths may not be historically accurate or scientifically verifiable. In Scientology, the cosmic source or life force is represented by the Greek letter theta (Θ). Theta is meant to represent life or the life source, it is not part of the physical universe but it can control the universe. The individual expression of theta is called the thetan. This is held to be the true identity of every human being – intrinsically good, all-knowing, non-material, and capable of unlimited creativity. As thetans, people are pure spirit, immortal and godlike, outside of space and time. The Scientologist concept of the thetan thus is somewhat similar to the Western concept of the soul, with the distinction that the Western concept does not usually go so far as to assert a godlike true nature for human beings.

According to Scientologist mythology, thetans brought the material world into being largely for their own pleasure…

…Thetans are believed to have occupied innumerable bodies over time. Thus, Scientology theology is similar to that of the Hindu and Buddhist concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation in Scientology happens through a process called “assumption”. The Scientology emphasis on the importance of present (or future) consequence of past actions also resembles the concept of karma.

With each rebirth, the effects of the MEST universe on the thetan become stronger, unless a special intervention, or salvation, occurs. This is due to the fact that human MEST experiences are stored in the “reactive mind” (a concept akin to Freud’s “unconscious mind”), which responds irrationally and emotionally to any memory of painful or traumatic past experience. The images of MEST experiences collected over many lifetimes are referred to as “engrams” in Scientologist terminology. Engrams are believed to be painful and debilitating; as they accumulate, people move further away from their true identity as thetans. To be saved from this fate and restore the thetan is the Scientologist’s basic goal. The thetan thus shares features with the atman of Hindu mythology. Dianetic training is the tool through which the Scientologist progresses towards the “Clear” state, winning gradual freedom from the reactive mind, and acquiring certainty of his or her reality as a spiritual being, or thetan.

*Definitely, prayer for conversion of the family is needed. Chances are, the son wasn’t baptized, through no fault of his own:

Salvation: Scientology believes in reincarnation and that personal salvation in one’s lifetime is freedom from the cycle of birth and death associated with reincarnation. They believe that religious practice of all faiths is the universal way to wisdom, understanding, and salvation. On the other hand, the Bible teaches that there is only one way of salvation and that is through Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me” John 14:6.

The teachings of Scientology in comparison with the Bible have little if anything in common. Scientology will only lead us away from God and eternal life, and the Bible will lead us to God and eternal life. There is nothing to gain by associating with Scientology and everything to lose.

God Bless.
+Peace In Christ.


Did Scientology prevent treatment for Travolta son?

The health problems of tragic teen Jett Travolta would not have been properly treated unless his celebrity Scientologist parents had rejected their religion’s theories on medicine, outraged experts said yesterday…

…“This child lived out his life without ever being evaluated or treated, in my opinion. The sad thing is, perhaps he could have been helped.” …

…All medication - including anti-seizure drugs - are discouraged by the church, which believes drugs stockpile in the body over time and damage it, experts on the church said…


I had a friend, who got into scientology which she was introduced to by her BF.

I say HAD because no one has been able to contact her for about 9 years now. She wet to LA with her BF to work for the church of scientology, he eventually escaped, yes middle of the night under fear for his life type thing, but she, as far as anyone knows, is still there.

They are not allowed to emial, phone, or contact ‘detractors’, which is anyone who isn’t a scientologist and doesn’t want them to be. All of their activities are closely monitored.

Her parents were actually part of a big protest that was on Dateline I think? Where friends and family of people inside demanded to see their loved ones, and were denied.

The whole thing is very scary.

You also have to pay to learn the different levels of scientology, her BF has spent 80 grand and was only about half way to the ‘truth’. This is why theCOS is full of the rich and famous and those with money to burn. L Ron Hubbard knew not to set up shop in say…West Virginia, he went where the jing is. No accident. Supposedly at the end you learn that god is an alien names Zenu?? Or something? And that we are all from some other planet, and that L Ron Hubbard is the ‘lord’ here on earth, or something…

I feel horrible for the Travolta’s, and even more horrible for their son whom they didn’t properly care for IMHO.

That child was autistic. I have no doubt in my mind. Having my own son with autism and working with autistic kids and their families, I can say that with very little doubt. Autism and seizures often go hand in hand.

Had the Travoltas realized that autism is an x linked genetic disorder and a real neurological disorder not a psychiatric one would they have treated him differently??? I doubt it. They obviously are completely brainwashed.

I hope Jett can rest in peace in God’s hands and from there help his parents in this spiritual battle they are clearly in.


God works in mysterious ways. I pray they convert out of the cult of Scientology. The death of their son could be it. It is hard to leave, as they know so much (personally) about you.

I had a friend once who grew up in Scientology. She’d left, and converted to christianity. She would not discuss Scientology with me. She trembled at the idea. <-That creeped me out.

God Bless.


May God have Mercy on this Child and his parents at this time. I don’t know what else I can say. I will pray that our dear Lord will confort these People and welcome this beautiful Child into his Kingdom. :gopray2:


The money:

Yes, eighty grand I heard in a post here, that sounds correct. The best business to vulnerable people is the business of religion and setting up your own ideals to feed on those with low self-esteem, no direction, and acceptance. Catholic church gets hounded for this all the time. However, COS is by far worse ten-fold, for they line the wallets of their followers.

Selective Process:

IT IS A CULT! The only people who do not need to donate much and/or get the most pampered attention are the celebrities who back it for free! A source I know said their is some initiation process very similar to college fraternity/sorority hazing. It is all mental/psychological hazing. Where you are slammed by several people to the utmost oppressive measures, and then they say things to bring you back up. They are kooks! After this, they somehow weasel their interest into your finances, if you have the backing supportively and financially you get more attention, if not, ASTA!

About Mental Heath:

Remember how Tom Cruise claimed himself a scientist on a talk show? He slammed Brooke Shields openess about using medication post partum, that is the very essence of their own ego talking. I do not support medication for this stuff, however, an individual must realize what is good for them based on what their doctor says, and I am not the decision maker or medical doctor in anyone else’s life. COS is not the only religion/cult that suggests these medications to be mind altering or some procedures be farse-like, I agree with many studies and University Periodicals that have proven negative outcomes, and likewise I do question many of them as well.

In any case, COS is subjective. I know there are a lot more historical accuracies with Catholicism than there is anywhere else, so here I stay.


I wish to add as a person with a degree in psychology and experience with psychiatric and neurological disorders that brain-based illnesses are difficult for us to diagnose by observations of physical changes only because we lack the knowledge of biochemistry and technology to measure brain changes.

There is not the slightest question that brain-based illnesses are brain-based illnesses and that they require physical treatment. That does not mean that all treatments are effective in every case, but it is one thing to acknowledge our imperfect knowlegde of the brain and another to work to prevent physical treatment of the brain on (mistaken) philosophical grounds.


I’m with Trishie in prayer!


Oh my! There’s nothing (in this world) like the loss of a child. Devastating. Of course, lifting them in prayer.


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