Scientology versus psychiatry

G’day. I just wanted to know why Scientology had taken a hardline stance against Psychiatry? The late Ron Hubbard had practiced hypnosis which he called Dianetic engram. Hypnotherapy is also used in Psychotherapy/Psychiatry to manage bulimia, nicotine addiction, phobias etc. Is it because they don’t want competition from an established discipline like Psychiatry?

Like all false religions, they need an enemy to attack, demonize, and rally proselytes around. Psychiatry is a good choice for an enemy because (a) it’s not on very solid footing, (b) individual psychiatrists, and even nations, have abused the field, and © there’s the whole pharmaceutical company thing. Nobody “loves” psychiatry (except a few stray souls like me, who love it as a Platonic ideal) the way they love Christianity, Islam, their country, or their parents. :smiley:

What an interesting question to ask here, the antagonism of Scientology towards psychiatry. I only know that Hubbard was deeply against psychiatrists, as well as religious persons, though he thought of religion as a means to amass wealth and power and control people. It’s not just a passing antagonism, either, if you remember the comments Tom Cruise made about one actress’ struggle with clinical depression, those were incredibly angry for what is, on the face, a difference in doctrine.

Because psychiatrists according to L Ron were the ones that convinced Lord Xenu to drop nukes in volcanoes thereby killing all the people of his empire.

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