whats the deal with that?
seriously tho, whats everyones opinion?
and yes, crazies in crazy town is an acceptable answer…

Science Fiction gone wrong.

i dunno, theyre making more money than 800 battlefield earths…



From the very little I do know about it, I’m simply not interested in learning more. (shrug)

May they live long and prosper.

Or something.

As others have pointed out, it is science fiction raised to religion level.
At one point, prior to founding Scientology, L. Ron made the statement that if he ever really wanted to make money, he would start a religion.

Part of the appeal of the faith is its lack of an external diety. You have issues in your life because of internal issues, not anything else. If these internal issues are dealt with, then you will be happy and well adjusted. They deny psychology/psychiatry as medical arts.

Google XENU to understand more…or not understand more.

i think you might want to learn more.
ive read enough and heard enough to understand that scientology has the potential to be extremely dangerous. it denies the existence of diseases like autism, levaing children under the care of its followers neglected. some countries refuse to acknowledge it as a religion entirely, because in some countries it classifies itself as a religion, and other times it lists itself as a business…
and with the odd celebrity following, i can see how it could pull in some of the, i want to say dumber members of society, especially the dumber ones with money.

never forget that belief can be a very dangerous weapon.

It can be. But the defense against Scientology (or indeed any other group that has false or incorrect beliefs) in the long run is not to attack THEIR beliefs.

it is to teach truth. If one believes truth, who cares what brands falsehood comes in?

I do not disagree. However, at times, one runs into a situation like scientology can be where there is a cult mentality that includes a persecution complex. Any attempt to teach the truth is resisted and they will not listen to anything against their own faith. In that case, what do you do?

really tho, the same can be said of any religion, or any set of beliefs.
people will believe what they believe.

That is true.

You know, in Scientology, the fastes way to advance in the faith is to give more money/recruit big doners?

It helps to understand the culture and the ideas behind a faith before you make claims.

The founder of scientology, the esteemed L. Ron Hubbard, developed his faith based off of ideas in his science fiction novels (Battlefield Earth, and whatnot). The whole faith is a giant tax dodge… the Church does not have to pay taxes, so Hubbard created scientology to avoid the IRS. It is NOT a cult. It is NOT satanic. There is absolutely nothing wrong with scientology. It is NOT a religion, it is simply a tax dodge… please check your sources.

We shouldn’t fear scientologists… or any other faith, as a matter of fact. We need to be open and loving to everybody as Christ wants us to.

The truth is out there…

If it is not a religion, how does it avoid taxes?

Does it not have termenology unique to it? Does it not have theories of the origin of life and how we exist? Does it not discuss the nature of man?

well, you DONT increase their sense of persecution by, y’know, actually persecuting them. Counterproductive, doncha know.

That means…you don’t attack their beliefs. You don’t call them ‘bunkum.’ You don’t go telling them what they ‘really’ believe (if only because as soon as you get one tiny thing wrong, they’ll grab onto that like starving cats on tuna) and use that to prove that you are wrong about everything. Add to this the probability that you will get considerably more than tiny things wrong (I’ve never met an anti yet that actually presented the beliefs of their target correctly), then the only option you DO have is to simply present what you believe to be the truth.

Don’t say (I’m a Mormon, so I’m giving you examples from my own experience) “Joseph Smith was a fraud and a liar and you aren’t Christians and you all are going to go to hell.” That sort of thing isn’t going to make people want to listen to you.

After all, we’ve heard that already. We have answers to those things–and so does everybody else who has had antis and critics come at them.

Instead, show us what you believe gives you joy. I can absolutely guarantee you that if you are a ‘true’ Christian/Catholic, that when you go to Mass you are NOT defining what you feel and learn there by what the Mormons think. I’ll bet you don’t even consider what Mormons believe when you are about to take communion.

If you do, then you’ve got a far bigger problem than I have.

So; share what you believe. Share your joy. Share what you have learned. pretend that you not only have NO clue what your listener believes, but that what he believes is irrelevant to what Christ can give you.

Because it is irrelevant.

THEN you might have a chance to get through. Perhaps not at first, but oh, what a seed you might plant! Y’see, people belong to such belief systems because they find acceptance, purpose and a real sense of self there; a sense of safety. Those folks are not going to leave that for an unknown and untaught land, anymore than a drowning man will leave a waterlogged raft for the blank open ocean.

So what you do is show him the yacht he can swim to; his choice. You don’t have to point out that his raft is sinking. He’ll figure that out all by himself.

At the risk of being clobbered, I can tell you that I know this works because that’s how we do it. We teach Catholics EXACTLY the way we teach Muslims or Lutherans or Wiccans or Hindus or Baptists. We simply let them know what we believe. We figure that they know their own beliefs far better than we ever could, so the best people to do the comparing is…them.

I sure can’t tell it because anybody else works that way, because in all my years nobody has ever actually tried that with me. As soon as they find out I’m LDS…oops. All chance that I ever had to learn what THEY think and believe is utterly lost, except in one area.

(grin) I have to admit, I know a BUNCH about what Catholics and Protestants believe–about Mormonism.

Mind you, their version very seldom has anything in common with the Mormonism I’m familiar with. I don’t think that’s quite the way it’s supposed to work though, is it?

I treat individual Scientologists I encounter on the street just as I do the Mormon Missionaries and Jehovah’s Witnesses I meet at my front door, with kindness and an invitation to friendly dialog. I have spent many an afternoon talking about scripture and theology with the Mormons and JW’s, and don’t think any of them would be unhappy to run into me in public.

I believe the Corporation of Scientology (made up of RTC, CoS, CSI, IAS, narCONon and too many other organizations to list here) is a corrupt organization which fosters abuse on many levels. For this reason I have been actively protesting those abuses, and inviting the local Scientologists to talk with me about why I am doing so. And no, I don’t wear a mask :slight_smile:

I have studied Scientology’s “Tech,” reading over 18 books by L. Ron Hubbard, as well as lecture transcripts, and the HCO Policy Letters and Technical Bulletins which comprise the bulk of Scientology’s scriptures. I have serious issues with Scientology’s conception of humankind’s origin and their theology, and am of the opinion that Scientology is completely incompatible with Catholicism, and indeed nearly every monotheistic faith. It is unlikely this would be the subject of any conversation which I might have were a Scientologist to accept my offer to a friendly chat.

Iamme I hope this response answers your OP, but if you have specific questions I’m happy to offer an opinion.


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