Scientology is all over the news these days.
Any insight on this belief system?

:tsktsk: Don’t even go there! It’s a cult, it isn’t Christian, it isn’t even scientific by its own lights, it will cost you loads of money to progress from one level to the next (it has ‘levels of enlightenment’) and it will screw you up.

It is a ‘religion’ which was devised by L.Ron. Hubbard, the author of so called science fiction.

Peace be with you!

It’s another “religion” that’s great for immoral Hollywood types because they don’t have to change anything about their lives. Scientology has, as one of it’s main points, “survival through sex” meaning basically, have as much sex as you can because it will make your life better. It’s a completely self-serving system of belief that says "yeah, there’s a God, but we don’t know anything about him, so blah blah blah…"
It also preaches reincarnation and that we can reach a level of spiritual enlightenment where we are able to leave our bodies and “highten our senses” or something like that.
Another bad (and fataly flawed) thing about Scientology is that they believe that ALL mental disorders stem from trauma or injuries to our bodies, whether it be in or out of the womb. Now this is true to a certain extent because many mental disorders ARE caused by certain physical or emotional traumas. But, the say “all”. And not only that, but you can be taught to “remove” those scars and they think that this will be a great breakthrough in mental illness. There are too many holes in that for me to point out right now, and I’m not even a scientist or psychologist.
There are three types of people, I believe, according to Scientology: regular people, “clear”, and “operating thetans”. The latter are the ones that can leave their bodies. They think of people like Jesus and Buddha as being “just above clear”.

In Christ,

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