So, long story short, I have a friend who’s Father is into Scientology. Very serious. My friend has been somewhat influenced by it too, but not nearly as much as his father. (former Catholic)

Anyhow, I have heard a lot of bad things about Scientology but I would like to know from reliable sources what it is about. Personal experiences are good as well as articles.

Thank you.

This is really reliable, but I watched this youtube video of some Scientology members kidnapping one of their members who betrayed their church and either beat her up or killed her… :frowning: I don’t know how reliable that video was though…

Well if you really want to know go to their website

But I must warn you. The religion was started by a science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard

Her is the Wiki article

This is sounth Park- it seems weird but they do believe this

Southpark is known for making things up…But they actually put disclaimers that they were not making up what Scientology believes.

Ya i don’t like South Park because of a lot of things, but this is a simple way to show what they believe :slight_smile:

I got involved very briefly in the 70’s, and did some cleaning and making coffee and such in exchange for auditing. I ended up being sent to a convention in SF, and even in my young, impressionable, new age, weird receptive state, the stuff laid out to me there sounded more far out than anything that had every been proposed to me before. It was science fiction combined with self improvement guru type stuff, combined with something akin to a timeshare sales seminar. Truly, truly bizarre. I have always thanked God, that I got out before I was in, so to speak, because I hear it’s a real bugger to get out of, and in fact, they even bill you for services rendered. (“Counseling”). I do want to stress that in spite of their name, and their apparent tax exempts status, (odd), they are in NO way, shape or for a church of any kind at all. It is a kind of new age mental health organization, combined with the imaginings of a hack science fiction writer, and operated something like Amway. I’m sure they like their status as a church for tax purposes, but some countries are starting to crack down on them in a variety ways. Please pray for all the members. Many of them them are trapped in the organization by fear. There are few organizations you can find out so much about, and so quickly on the internet. What they are doing is certainly not going unnoticed or unchallenged. And as more people leave, the foundation is finally beginning to crumble.

Well it is a fictional show.

The same goes for the episode where they explain what the LDS church believes. South Park does make stuff up sometimes, but only when they need to, or if the entire episode is supposed to be made up. However, when it comes to describing what a group of people believe, they tell the truth about what the group believes because they find it funny.

A passionate eye, a program on the Canadian news broadcaster CBC showed a documentary about scientology and some of the allegations against it.

the documentary talks about allegations such as forced labour, forced abortions, stalking etc.

the documentary is in the related videos on the side.

the documentary is called “scientology: the ex files”

Here’s one of the textbooks I used when I took a course on new religious movements in university. It is a very short book and the author is pretty much one of the top authorities on NRMs in North America (look him up, if you like):

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