Hi i am looking for information that compares Catholic doctrine to Scientology. I am in a battle with my sister and brother on this matter. If anyone has information and/or suddestions, please advise. thanks.


Perhaps someone else will have some information specific to your request, but here is a non-Catholic site that might prove helpful:


The Catholic Church and Scientology are completely different things. What kind of discussion are you involved in?


Here are a couple of more resources.


Yeah my article, actually someone else’s, I just edited a bit, added Hubbard audio quotes you can find on the web.

Catholicism, Scientology, and L. Ron Hubard

Phil P


Scientology developed in a Christian culture and so is deeply influenced by Christianity. They even incorporated a cross into their logo.

What do you mean by comparing? The idea of the “clear” and “pre-clear” is obviously influenced by the idea of original sin, but is sufficiently distinguished from it to count as a separate doctrine. The idea that you become a Scientologist to achieve life goals, however, has nothing much in common with Christianity, although it is a farily standard theme of therapy or self-help movements.

I could go on in this vein, but I don’t know all that much about Scientology, and what is the point?


I’m not sure that the doctrines of Scientology, in full detail, are available to non-members, the way that Catholic doctrine is in the Catechism and other freely available (or cheaply available) sources. I could be wrong though. So a detailed compare & contrast may be difficult.


well, know this at the very least, part of scientology’s beliefs is that Jesus was sent here to confuse us and distort the truth. So if you think that is compatable with Chatholisism…


Wow what a great response. Thanks for the sources and the comments. My sister and brother both moved to the West Coast and became involved in Scientology, much to the dismay of the rest of the family, who is still strongly Catholic in a predomintly Catholic region. My sister has moved back and we have been discussing issues. Lately she has agreed to have a fact finding mission of which we will do mostly by Email. I have been using for a while now, but she believes that is a extreme anti site, (although I think its great), so I was looking for other sources. I have also acquired the services of a local priest who is an avid church history and doctrine buff. I am in the process of getting him up to speed on Scientology, and the sources you all have provided will be a great asset. Many people are already praying for my brother and sister and their children and I would ask all of you to pray for their conversion also. I will try to keep yall posted. God bless and thanks again


God bless you in your efforts, mg! My prayers are with you.


Here is another link. It is a clearing house of information about Scientology.

One thing that you said about your sister struck me. She said she did not want to look at an “anti-scientology” site like If she wants to be intellectually honest, she must be able to refute what those sites have to say and defend her belief from the criticisms.

If she only reads what supports her position, then you will get nowhere.

Meanwhile, I would recommend you read up on some material provided by Scientology itself. It is pretty weird, engrams, racial memory, all sorts of strange stuff. But be careful. Scientology is a very well constructed scam designed and built by a very intelligent, but throughly twisted science-fiction author. Do not believe anything.


Looks like an interesting article - thanks for providing the link.


Being anti-scientology doesn’t make someone wrong. He has documentation of everything on the site, and he has an open call for any scientologist to correct him if something is mistaken.


Scientology is pretty much a pulp science fiction novel converted into a religion; Martin Gardener does a very good analysis and expose of it in his books.

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