What can you tell me about Scientology? Is it considered a religion? From what I’ve seen, it’s more of an Anti-Religion.
Does anyone out there know much about it? I’m trying desperately to coexist w/ some heavy duty scientologists at work.
It’s sure to come to a head some day, probably soon.
It offends me, especially in the work place, but I’m not quite sure how to articulate my opposition to it. It’s obviously heretical, if nothing else. I know its L Ron Hubbard’s baby, but have there been other heretical movements which basically suggest that a Devine being is non-existant and certainly not needed - that we alone possess all that we need, w/ the “system”. You’re your own god, basically. Is there historical precendence for this?
There’s a lot of subtle manipulation, going on at work and I don’t like it.


You could use the term religion with it as it is a group around a entity higher than them. Though it looks like it is more of a cult (which can still be a religion) built around a science fiction story.

All I know about it came from the now “banned” South Park episode on it.


L. Ron Hubbard wasn’t even that good of a science fiction writer.


You might start giving some serious consideration to finding another job, if you haven’t already. I don’t know to much about them either except that they are not Christian and have views that are contrary to Christianity.


This is what I know about scientology… you as an individual have past lives that within them all, hold the answers for every one of your problems (physical, mental, financial, etc.) today. You more or less “channel” the “energy” needed to combat your problems…hence, you would have no need for a deity (other than R. Hubbard of course) :stuck_out_tongue:

This being said, I would sleep peacefully knowing that you possess the fullness of the truth…since your co-workers in question do not, allow me please to ask that you pray for continued soundness in your faith and then offer prayers to all our saints; all the guardian angels; and to our Blessed Mother for their divine interaction…

also, might I suggest that you take some holy water and bless yourself daily (could you perhaps bless your work area without incurring the wrath or criticism of your co-workers?) St. Therese of Avila wrote that one of the surest ways to rid yourself of evil prowling the earth is to bless yourself often with holy water and even making the mental sign of the cross on your forehead as well.

just a thought (I refer to my personal experiences here)…you’ve been handed this “problem” for a reason…to strengthen your faith? to be an instrument of example? to show God your deep love for him? whatever discernment may come to you, know that your Father is always walking alongside with you…

God Blesses each one us every minute of every hour of every day…


Check out this site for a lot of info:
It is called “operation clambake” because Hubbard taught that humans are all descended from clams. (No, I am NOT kidding!! It is that weird).


Thanks for the link. Lot’s of info.


Consideration is ongoing…


here are some documentaries on scientology. i like the Panorama one the best, it covers scientology rather well.

Panorama - Scientology and Me

Scientology and the Clearwater Police

Scientology - Above the law? (really long if i remember correctly)


These people are a bunch of nutjobs. Problem is, our system has extended to them the dubious title of “church”, instead of prosecuting them as a huge confidence scheme. This was done deliberately and cynically by scientology with the idea of sheltering under the guise of religion. Scientology is no more a “church” than my Aunt Fannie’s dog, but takes on the appearance of and wears the trappings of and claims the protection of the law as it applies to religion. Other countries are somewhat wiser than we are in this respect, Germany and the U.K. having declared them “deceptive cults”. Do not be fooled by the array of “celebrities” trotted out by scientology in support of their scam. The fact that one is a “celebrity” does not make one either wise or truthful.


I remember hearing / reading that L Ron Hubbard and Robert Heinlein (Author of “Stranger in a Strange Land” and inspiration for the Church of All Worlds) made a bet to see who could create the most prosperous religion.

I don’t really believe it, personally, but here’s some interesting reads…


Get a small statue of the Blessed Virgin and place her on your desk at work. If their scientology talk is tolerated, so should the Blessed Mother–and they’ll know exactly where you stand! :slight_smile: That has to be hard, to work in an environment like that.


Reminds me… about 4 years ago I found a copy of Battlefield Earth somewhere, and read it. When I was much younger I was a real SciFi fan, but no longer can stomach much fiction of any kind. I must’ve read some of Hubbard’s stuff from years ago, but nothing comes to mind.

The story just goes on and on and on, and though it isn’t exactly world-class, it is captivating in a mind candy sort of way. Also, there’s no gratuitous sex, or for that matter any sex of any kind that I recall. There is an overarching moral theme involving economic domination/strangulation in an interstellar setting.

The descriptions of machinery, systems, processes, are very detailed, and interesting. I understand a movie was made, though I can’t imagine how that could’ve been packed into a standard Hollywood production.


I saw the movie, and if I remember correctly John Travolta was in it. We left the theater about 40 minutes into it- it was that bad.


Google the late reporter Dennis Wheeler’s name and read his interview with Hubbard’s poor son. I do not throw around the word “diabolical” lightly but Hubbard’s life embodies that word.

My questions: Why are so many ex-Catholics in that cult? Why so much money-flaunting and blackmailing? Why so much connection with movies and theater? Why the big platform on avoiding drugs for mental illness (I’m not adverse to the idea but what is their reason?) Why do they hop on busses and talk excessively to strangers who live two or three hours away? Are they making their way into multi-level marketing groups as well as businesses? And why does Germany want them out?

Just a few questions here but I can’t sit around anymore and listen to John Travolta or Tom Cruise on “Oprah” with their smug and smarmy descriptions of this “innocent” “religion”. Their presentation makes it look all-American and whitewashed.

Are they brainwashed?

Use caution, wisdom, and faith in dealing with your co-workers. Pray for these souls, however pale, perverse, or angry they may be. But learn the truth about this and other cults.

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