Scock Troops in the Culture War


Great Article. Please pass it along to people with or without large fams.:slight_smile:


I loved the article… and I can relate. My second pregnancy was twins and I had more people ask if I was through now since I would have 3 children (1 more than they thought necessary). As it turns out, I had another one 2 yrs later and really got the comments then… especially from the doctors. How sad!!! Last month I miscarried my 5th child and people actually asked if it was planned!!! A co-worker was incensed that I hadn’t told her I was pregnant and told me basically I would be stupid to attempt it again. Hmmm… and yet I still find that there is more than enough love to go around. Funny how there is food too. I don’t care how much they say it costs to raise a child, every penny is worth it don’t you think?


The title is supposed to say shock troops not 'scock’
Ya, BlestOne,
People who make the expense argument are usaully coming from a very materialistic worldview. Kids with siblings learn that things are not as important as people.:thumbsup:


Amen!!! What ever happened to not having a price on human life? Life is priceless… the joy and the love are priceless, the lessons the kids learn about sharing and loving…priceless too!!!


I have 5. Our parents kept hinting we need to stop. (Stop what I wonder?). But at least I know that they were just worried about us because they have bought into the “It’s too expensive. Kids take too much time to raise properly today” propoganda.

Anyway, I think that the reason for all this negativity is along the lines of what is hinted at in the article:

But the derogatory remarks that mothers get are often not about them. They are about the person who said them. They are words of justification for the woman who chose not to have kids and now regrets it or waited too long.

But I think that a lot of it is not so much regret as guilt. They are so nasty at times that they are clearly angry. I think we cause them to face there guilt and that’s what makes them angry.


guilt or saddness(if they can’t have kids).
But even then possible guilt for not adopting.


As a woman… it is guilt! Either that or inferiority…such as: I couldn’t have handled that many, look how hard it was to raise the ones I have. I used to wonder how I would handle more… then I learned to trust God.


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