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We read in the Epistle to the Romans that “the gifts and calling of God are without repentance”, does it mean that the Jews are the God’s Nation forever ?

The modern state of Israel. Is it not the fulfillment of God’s Prophesy ?

What is the Catholic view about the Scofield Interpretation ?
Scofield writing in the 1900s said that, in those last days, the Bible predicts the return of the Jews to the Holy Land and particularly to Jerusalem.
Scofield also predicts that the Temple in Jerusalem would be rebuilt - signalling the very end of the Church Age when the Antichrist would arise, and all who seek to keep covenant with God will acknowledge Jesus as their Messiah in defiance of the Antichrist.

What is the Catholic vision of the anti-christ ?

What is the Catholic interpretation of the Millennium ?

Are the Catholics Anti-Zionists ?

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Shakespeare was Catholic.


I also think so.
But the words from the’’ Winters Tale’’ are just my signature.



Obviously anyone who is driven to revise the bible to fit his own agenda is not teaching anything in accord with Catholic Church teaching, which is inspired and protected by the Holy Spirit. So what is the question? Search in millenium or millenialism, this topic has frequently been canvassed here.


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I have found a lot of threads related to my questions .
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Any way, if some one has answers to my questions on this thread ,
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The study of this topic , just proved again - the Evangelicals are the book worshipers
The Evangelical Bibliolatry, their Bible commentaries does not allow them to read the Bible critically and objectively.

Unfortunately it is possible to worship the letter of the word and despise and ignore the Spirit of the word.

I am even in doubt if Evangelicals preach the same God as Catholics.


well, now, the return of the Jews to Jerusalem does raise certain questions. However, Luke’s Gospel says that this heralds “the times of the Gentiles”, BUT, the FIRST “time of the Gentiles” is not bad but GOOD, namely, the FULLNESS of the Gentiles. And this is corroborated by most fully approved Catholic Private Revelation. Clearly, the Jewish recapture of Jerusalem in 1967 was consummate, more or less, with the rise of the minor apostasy, for it was around that time the sexual revolution occurred and an explosion of materialistic affluence that has utterly devastated the faith of the West (meanwhile, the East is under a different apostasy, atheistic materialism). But look at the section on the Two Witnesses: The murder of the Two Witnesses concludes the period of their “preaching”, which is made synomous with “and Jerusalem shall be trampled by the Gentiles”. So then, in point of fact, up until the immediate modern history of the latter half of 20the century, indeed the Two Witnesses, Scripture and Tradition, were countless times attempted to be “harmed”, but not killed. For the Early Heresies attacked the Trinity and Incarnation but retained other elements. Same with Islam. The Great Schism attacked the special mediated fatherhood of Rome, but retained almost everything else. The Protestant Rebellion was indeed worse, casting aside even the entire essence of the mediated Fatherhood of Apostolic Succession, but retaining the Scriptures and Christ. And even the two primary ideologies of the Enlightenment, being almost fully depraved, nevertheless did not completely “kill” Scripture and Trad, for they at least retained the essence of a natural religiousity, that is, still able to accep the existence of some Supreme Being, of the necessity to honor this Being, and to strive at least for natural virtue that is evident from Reason. But in the immediate modern age, the basic TOTALITY of the Church’s witnesses is killed. Not merely harmed, but actual “death”, that is, the modern world is utterly oblvious to ANY religion and morality.

Hence, the two witnesses lie dead in the streets, and “the inhabitants of the earth celebrate and send gifts to one another that these two ‘prophets’ are dead and can no longer ‘torture’ them by branding their consciences.” That is, Rome preaches to deaf ears.

But, again, the mystics prophesy a MINOR tribulation, a chastisement, if you will, that will unveil the darkness for what it is. So then the world that even still scoffs shall no longer do so when the full force of the chastisement comes. Rather, when the horrors hit, the Two Witnesses shall “stand upon their feet”, and “great fear will upon those who see them”. Let them scoff and say, we do not need religion. We have everything we need in our materialistic progress. We do not need to live in traditional Christian morality, especially life and sexual issues. There are no consequences for fornication, contraceptoin, abortion, divorce. But when the chastisement hits, they will not be able to say this. They will get a taste of their own medicine.

But it will not be the end! The mystics prophesy that if the minor chas must come, it will succeed in not only restoring general Christian faith, but even Christian unity. For the horrors will manifest ALL non-Catholic errors in such a way as to show humanity the ancient and infallible wisdom of Our Mother, the Church. And so the various spritiual foreign lands shall be gathered back into the bosom of the ultimate homeland, the chaste Bride of Church, the glorious Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Chruch.

And then shall there truly be the “times of the Gentiles”, that is, the extension of the Catholic Gospel throughout ALL the nations, a glorious Age of Peace, in which Jesus’ love will reign in hearts of allmost all men on earth.

For more info, I have an essay.

blessings to you, Athanasiy!


I do not believe that the current state of Israel is the fulfillment of God’s prophesy. People who are still in the Old Covenant still hold that opinion. Isaiah prophesied that the kingdom of Israel would be reunited even though the ten northern tribes were scattered and intermarried from the Assyrian Captivity. God said to Isaiah that He has remnants and from these remnants He grafted onto the “Vine” the gentiles to fulfill Abrahams promise of making his decendants as many as the stars in the sky. This is the new state of Israel. Us, grafted onto the Chosen People to be the New Chosen People. The Old Covenant had God residing in the Temple and the worship involved this Jerusalem temple where the atonement sacrafices were offered. To officially end the Old Covenant, the Temple was destroyed only to be rebuilt starting in 3 days. The new temple is now in us and is the dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. So yes, the temple is being rebuilt, but not as some people believe. Schofield should have said that the building of the new temple was the beginning of the Church Age, not the end of it.


i think we can both be right. For there is the layer of preterism and there is another layer of spiritual historicism.


Isn’t great to both be right !!!
It doesn’t happen that often.



Amen! :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:


Modern Isreal is more atheistic than religious. Modern Isreal has NOT repented or turned to God which a major condition of restoration of isreal in prophecy.



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