Scolding during homily

In the past months, our parish priest have been scolding the parishioners for various non activities during the homily period. I wish to know whether this is an allowed practice especially during Mass.
Thank you and God bless.

There’s no reason a priest should not admonish his flock during the homily of the Mass. He should also be building them up in Christian virtues, not just pointing out their failings, of course.

(He shouldn’t be mentioning people by name, like: “John, you were late to Mass today,” or “Becky, I hear that you don’t pray the Rosary anymore.” That’s entirely inappropriate, especially if the information is otherwise private.)

Like what?

Yes I think something more specific than “non-activities” would help.

In many cases I think that our priests should be doing more “scolding”, and not just about “non-activities”.


Well, depends on what you mean by “scolding for non activities.” While its not my style to “scold from the pulpit” I guess there could be good reason to do so. We would need more info if we were to make a judgment.

what is a “non-activity?” do you mean neglecting to do something that is a Christian duty such as educating children in the faith or regular Mass attendance? Where else should the pastor be admonishing his flock except from the pulpit? Should he send everyone an individual e-mail? His job is to preach, teach and sanctify, so I think that comes under his job description.

As others have said, we would need more specific information in order to make a reasonable judgement. However, there are certain things which are unacceptable for a priest to communicate from the pulpit - for example, as japhy said, pointing out an individual because they arrived late for Mass. Unfortunately, this sort of thing was quite common in Irish churches in the not too distant past - it does no one any favours to have a parishioner humiliated, and if the subject matter of the “homily” doesn’t benefit the spiritual welfare of the people, then it belongs elsewhere.

On the other hand, I have been glad on a number of occasions when my parish priest stopped during his homily to ask people to stop talking. He told them that we can handle noise from babies and younger children, but for adults to be talking during the Mass is unacceptable. To be honest, I couldn’t believe my ears - because I think many priests are reluctant to put their foot down on various issues these days - but I was delighted that he did what he did. So there are certainly occasions where where it is entirely appropriate and necessary to admonish certain people in the congregation. Whatever happens though, humiliating a person is a big no-no.

Priests are our spiritual fathers (heck, that’s why you CALL a priest ‘Father’!) A good father will, if the behaviour of his children warrants it, scold them.

As said above, singling individuals out from the pulpit is wrong, so is non-stop admonition without a balancing dose of praise or other preaching ‘n’ teaching thrown in.

We had a fire and brimstone priest a few years back. He yelled, cried,scolded, boomed out his voice. Never did need a mic. I really miss him.

A deacon that I know doesn’t need a mike either, but he uses one --at the one of the first masses he preached at, an elderly parishioner came up to him and told him that they were glad that the parish had fixed the sound system.:smiley:

I haven’t heard a Good fire and brimstone priest since the late 1970’s
Father Angus MacDonald. God love him. Your missed Father.
I think anyone who calls themselves a true Catholic needs a good damned scolding sometimes to shock them out of their childish complacency and liberal behaviors to warn them their treading a fine path directly into hell fire.

*Are people not paying attention during the homily and chattering amongst themselves? Could you define the ‘non activity?’’ *

:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

I have always appreciated priests who point things out when they are being done incorrectly or not at all, so as to know how to do them correctly, and to know what is expected. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if there is such a thing as a non activity for a christian since they are to live each moment of their lives in accord with Christ. Not just at Mass.

Scolding from the pulpit…I have a short story about that. Two of my sons attended the same University & both were on the Wrestling team. Since it’s a secular state University, I was really surprised that almost half of the team were Catholics. A wonderful priest who ran the Newman Center there, Father Dan, made a real difference in their lives.

It seems the Caholics on the team, especially when they had to travel to a meet on Saturday…began straggling into Church late the next morning. One Sunday they entered the Church & noticed that the Mass hadn’t started & Father Dan was just standing in the Sanctuary. They made their way to the back row. After they were settled & kneeling in their pew, Father announced. “Well, the wrestling team has arrived & we can now start the Mass”. They weren’t late again. So…yes, I think that some scolding can be very effective.

I don’t get it.

I didn’t either, until I reread it.

In the incident where Father delayed the Mass until their arrival, and made the comment, "Now that the wrestling team is here …] " they were still arriving late, but subsequently, they were never late, again.

You’ll never guess this but my Fire and Brimstone Father is also a MacDonald.:slight_smile:
God Bless them both.

It’s that Scottish fire. :slight_smile:

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