Scolding Non Roman Catholics?


Okay I’ve held this belief for most of my life.

The Roman Catholic is the one true church.

Members of Churches that are not in communion with Rome may be saved but those churches are false churches.

I’ve recently admonished some Mormans for trying to preach the gospel of Morman. I told them that Joseph Smith was a herectic and that his Church of Laterday Saints is a false church. His teaching are all false and lies. His gospel is all lies since there is no gospel beyond the New Testament. Period, end of discussion.

I’ve had in the past told Muslims that Islam is a false religion and that Muhammad is a false prophet for he denies the divinity of Jesus Christ. Period. That fact alone disqualifies Islam as being one of God’s religions. Only Judaism and the Roman Catholic Church were ever apart of God’s whole truth. The End.

Was I wrong in doing this? I believe that the Roman Catholic Church which has it’s origins in Judaism therefore all other religons and denominations are false. They either worship false gods or have committed heresy by falling away from the Communion of Rome.


There is nothing wrong with speaking truth. Just be careful how you use the word heresy.


You may want to read the book by Patrick Madrid, Search and Rescue: How to bring others into or back into the Catholic Church.


I think the thing is they believe that you’re a heretic don’t they. You have to respect the fact that people have found their own place of faith. If the RC Church has all the answers, all you need to is what St. Peter asks you to do:-

1 Peter 3:15

Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear


Please consider how effective your approach would be if any of these people turned the tables and said something similar to you. Ah yes, but you have the Truth. Consider that they really believe that they do.

I second the Patrick Madrid book.


Were you wrong? I don’t know that it was productive but you spoke the truth. Consider how much of it is pride. If any of it was then it was wrong. If your concern was for their souls and that is why you said it then don’t beat your self up.

I think of Acts 17 in this regard. Paul did not stroll in to the Aeropogus full of pagans with their idols, condemning at blasting them. Rather he found something in their beliefs that he could use to help explain Christ to them. God has implanted his laws on the hearts of all men. (See Romans 2:14-16). One of those laws is the desire to seek him out as the one true God according to the first commandment. A preist came to our parish from New Gunea one time. He said that when the first missionaries were sent there the people were canabals. It wasn’t a highly desirable place to go if you know what I mean. But they were one over primarily on one Catholic doctrine. Can you guess? St. Francis Xavier was very adept at using this method of learning the language and culture and then using it to convert the souls who really didn’t know any better. He converted nearly 1 million people. Issac Jouges and St. Patrick are two others of note who used this method as did many Catholic missionaries. Even in America I think Theology of the Body is going to be used successfully because it speaks to the Culture hear. Using this method we can be more tactful in the way we approach non-catholics.


I should add that the only people Jesus really scolds are the religous leaders of his day who are not teaching correctly. I think we should assume some level of ignorance on the common man and have some mercy in that regard. Do all out of love.


I wanted to add that the Catholic approach is to share the the Catholic faith not bash others faiths. I’ve not heard one priest bash non-Catholic faiths from the pulpit or otherwise but I have heard non-Catholic ministers do so. It’s like it’s a given that Catholicism is wrong so they can say what they want without being challenged.

Using the “motto” of Cursillo: “Make a friend, be a friend, bring a friend to Christ”.


Amen 1 Pet 3:15 - give reason for the hope that is within you but do it with gentleness and love.


My belife is that the truth hurts. I want to speak the truth to them. The truth tis the truth. It may not be what they want to hear. The Mormans say that all christian denominations are apart of God’s Universal Church. I told them that they were flat out wrong.


Mormonism doesn’t stand up to much scholarly analysis. However it fulfils a social need. You ought to be sensitive to that.


Always be ready to give an explanation to anyone who asks you for a reason for your hope, but do it with gentleness and reverence, keeping your conscience clear

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It may not be what they want to hear. The Mormans say that all christian denominations are apart of God’s Universal Church. I told them that they were flat out wrong.I second all that these others have shared with you.

The approach you are taking is more like that of some of the less charitable fundamentalist n-Cs that I have encountered. Some of it I have seen directed at others and some I have faced myself. It is not one that I am comfortable with myself, based on the passage of the New Testament that others have already quoted to you.

You may say that “the truth hurts” but one should go prayerfully out one’s way to insure that it is the truth itself that “hurts” and not our presentation of it.
Pax tecum, [/size]


Well said, Church Militant!! All things in love!



Hmmm, scolding? Well here in the South they say, “You can attract more flies with honey than vinegar.” Scolding often makes the person look like they’ve been baptized in pickle juice. :eek:


You should only scold when someone is deliberately misrepresenting the truth, when they know the truth. This is useful especially when you have an “audience”.

In everyday situations this is probably not the case as there are many who are indeed ignorant of Catholicism and just think that they know what Catholicism really is. Prove them wrong with love and compassion as they have been mislead.

Use love to communicate, and use forceful communication when love fails, as sometimes you might need to “slap” them to get their attention.

Or just stop short before the scolding when they start getting non-sensical. Stop the conversation and ask them to count to ten and promise not to lie, then continue with charity.

I have talked to some pretty aggressive non-catholics and yes forceful scolding is great to get attention but it is more useful when they have led themselves into it.

God Bless


The Catholic Catechism teaches that many of these ecclesiastical communities have varying degrees of truth in them, and that the HS works through them to bring people to God. I think it is more helpful to acknowledge them as “incomplete” rather than “false”. Sadly, I have met Mormons that are more godly than many so called Catholics.

There are errors in the Mormon preaching, but Mormons cannot be properly called “heretics”. This term refers to those who have known the truth, and rejected it. Most Mormons never knew any better. Rather, they do not hold the Faith as it was handed down to us from the apostles.

I think this is a bigoted perception. Islam and Judiasm have a partial revelation of the One God. Yes, they both reject Jesus as son of God, and Messiah, and therefore, have incomplete truth, but inasmuch as they are Monothesitic (belief in the One God of Abraham) They do espouse “God’s religion”.

I don’t find this approach helpful for evangelization myself, but I understand your point. I suggest the reading of the Catechism on Protestants, Islam, and Judaism.


Well, congratulations, you’ve drastically lowered the odds of the people you’ve spoken to ever converting to Catholicism. As tactics of evangelization go, you’re maybe half a step above the lunatic street preachers screaming to all passers-by that they’re going to hell.

If you would bring souls to the Church, make them want to come along. Needlessly denigrating their faiths – which they consider just as true as you consider yours – and badmouthing their holy figures the way you say you’ve been doing is not going to do this.

‘I’m right, you’re wrong’ doesn’t make converts; it makes enemies and reflects quite poorly both on you personally and on the Church. ‘What you’ve got is okay, but check this out’ does work.


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