Scores die in Australian inferno

This is an ongoing disaster. Please pray for our friends in Australia - CNN is reporting the death toll to be currently 79.

Victoria Premier John Brumby said he had accepted an offer from the federal government to send in the army.

Entire towns have been destroyed in the fires, fanned by extremely high temperatures and unpredictable winds.

Temperatures are dropping now, but officials fear they will not be able to get the fires under control until there is substantial rain.

Firefighters have been battling against what are described as the worst conditions in the state’s history.

Thank you, Dale. Your concern and prayers are much appreciated

I have family who live in rhe vicinity of two of the fires. The major fire came close to four of our various family’s homes, but the wind turned the fire away from them at the last moment, however in doing so the fires raced through forest to totally destroy two towns. Many people died fleeing in their cars, but roads are cut in many places. There are many critically burned people.

In the meantime over half the State of Queensland is flooded due to torrential rains. The flooded area is twice the size of Spain. Queensland, with many towns flooded, is also a declared disaster zone.

This is just tragic :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: Those poor people!! I will be praying for them.

Dry weather and eucalyptic trees don’t mix. I love Australia. It’s a beautiful place.


To think just last summer, the Pope visited Australia and this devastation has happened to this welcoming country. Please dear Lord, hear the cries of your people, dampen the fires with the gentle rains of your healing love. Protect and defend those who are responding to the victims fighting the fires in Victoria region. We ask all these prayers through Christ our Lord.

I just cannot even imagine the horror those people faced. :frowning:

An update:

At least 108 people have died and 750 homes have been lost in the horrific blazes, which continue to rage throughout the state. Police say the toll is expected to rise today as identification crews work.

Fire crews have now accessed many of the worst hit areas left decimated by the intensity of the fires, but there are many areas that rescue crews are unable to get to because of safety issues.

“I warn you that there are many areas where there are issues because of sensitivity. Do you understand what I mean?” state duty fire officer Mark Glover told volunteers last night in a reference to bodies left in cars and houses.

In the state of Victoria in Australia, firefighters are continuing to fight the worst bushfires in recorded history. At least 108 are confirmed dead and the death toll is expected to rise because firefighters are continuing to fight more than 30 bushfires…

Please follow the details of the news on Special Broadcasting Service, Australia (and other Australian source of news):

This is to **request prayers for:

the loved ones and friends of victims (108 dead and death expected to rise);**

the injured - those fighting for their lives in hospitals and those whose burns will leave scars of varying degrees affecting them for the rest of their lives;

the firefighters who are defying sleep and exhaustion to fight the fires, and sometimes have to pay for their work with their lives;

the arsonists who need to be healed and converted in heart. *Every summer more than half the bushfires are lit by arsonists! *There is no reason to doubt that arsonists have had a direct role in some of the bushfires (arrests of two suspects have already been made);

helpers everywhere.

My apologies for starting two new threads on the topic (one as news item and the other for prayer intention) without noticing the existence of threads on the same topic.

I console myself with the thought that a double dose of prayers can’t hurt.

A terrible situation. I will certainly pray for all affected by this tragedy.


Just for us to keep perspective as to what is important, at least 173 people have died and the death toll is rising.

Some 500 people have been injured and nearly 10,000 homes destroyed across 365,000 hectares of torched land, said Mr Rudd.

Rescuers are searching scorched areas amid fears the death toll would rise.

Residents in parts of Victoria state are still on alert as more than a dozen fires continue to burn uncontrolled.

I’d like to share the website for the Australian Red Cross. Please make an online donation!

And know what we know what caused these fires: Abortion!

This tragedy is growing daily. But even as the Pope expressed his grief over this horror, the Australian Catholic community is responding in an overwhelming way to the victims, providing shelter, food and emergency supplies. Let’s keep them in our daily prayers.

That is a very offensive link to the poor people who lost their lives, and have suffered so greatly!:mad:

Yes, it is terrible that false prophets seek news attention in the wake of a disaster. But it happened after Hurricane Katrina, too.

Perhaps worse is that looters have gone into the burnt areas and are picking over the remains. And arsonists are setting new blazes. Please keep the people affected by this horrible disaster in your prayers.

He observed that "a beacon of hope that has shone out from this tragedy is the way ***that the Australian community has rallied to offer support: ****Schools, parishes, families have **been among ***those keen to assist, and relief and assistance agencies have been flooded with offers of help.

“The Australian Catholic community has been a*** significant part ***of this response.”

On behalf of the Australian community here, I would like to point out that there has been an overwhelming response from people everywhere, but none more so than the Aussies themselves, from every walk of life. The last time I checked, there had been in excess of 34 million dollars raised in these past few days - absolutely astounding!!!

Unfortunately, in these terrible times, there will always be the few that use these tragic circumstances for their own purpose (re poster above mine). But the good will of the rest of Australia puts this to absolute shame.

The true Aussie spirit is alive and well!!!

Ongoing prayers for those who have suffered so much and those who are still under threat. Also for all those wonderful volunteers who are working around the clock to make these victims as comfortable as possible, for the ones combing the charcoaled remains for any wildlife or pets that were injured and rescuing them, and last, but not least, the great work as always, done by the fire brigades who put in endless hours, risking their own lives. And hopefully, companies taking on the spirit of ‘Allianz’ Insurance group who have decided to give A$5,000 to victims to help get them back on their feet. (The government has said in no uncertain terms that it would expect insurance companies to be as helpful and efficient as possible in processing claims.) Musicians are banding tomorrow night in a charity concert. I could go on and on, but the sheer support these communities are getting is just so heartening to see.

This will surely be one of our saddest times in history with the loss of so many lives, but I do believe that it’s in these times that people really begin to understand what matters most.

As of today the total fundraised through the Red Cross appeal has topped $50 million. From a nation of about 20 million people, that’s a lot to raise in about two days that the fundraising effort has been going.

Not to mention fundraising to other places - I donated to the firefighting service.

cerad, That link is a disgrace

I live in Victoria, and am offended that the CTFM are trying to blame these fires on “approval of abortion”.

Here is a very offensive paragraph from that link …

Following is an excerpt from the dream which was published in the article.
“In my dream I saw fire everywhere with flames burning very high and uncontrollably. With this I woke up from my dream with the interpretation as the following words came to me in a flash from the Spirit of God.
That His conditional protection has been removed from the nation of Australia, in particular Victoria, for approving the slaughter of innocent children in the womb.”

Victoria has not approved abortion. Parliament may have, but it was protested by many
And to dare think God would just abandon us because of this is absurd.

To all the others in this thread,
Thank you for saying prayers for all the people of my home State.
This is such a tragedy.
I would like to show you all a really cute picture that has come out of this disaster.,27574,25007478-2,00.html

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