Scotland-based priest believed to have been murdered in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Reports are coming in that Fr Jean-Pierre Ndulani, former priest of Dunkeld Diocese in Scotland, has been found dead in a mass grave in his native Democratic Republic of Congo.


The three priests who may have been found are Jean Pierre Ndulani, Anselme Wasikundi and Edmond Bamutute. They were abducted in October 2012, and are all Congolese nationals.

A ransom was paid for their safety, however, criminals sometimes pretend they can arrange the release of hostages, but merely take the money, There are various rebel groups active in the area and any of them may be responsible.

The province of North Kivu suffers perhaps 800 kidnappings per year. The persons kidnapped include men, women, children and even infants.A few months ago, a physician (Dr. Augustin Mutsunga) was taken from the Catholic parish of Maboya

Because of the remote and rugged terrain, finding the persons responsible for these abductions is extremely difficult.

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