Scotland: Call to punish, fire priest who had rosary of reparation because of gay pride march


Not so. What’s the purpose of the rosary? Isn’t it- like all prayer- to unite ourselves to God’s will? To have a conversation with Him and His saints? And don’t we pray when we fall short and into sin?

If any situation calls for a rosary, it’s an event with the purpose of promoting sin. We should be praying for ourselves- that we don’t get sucked into it- and for others, that they may repent and find forgiveness.


This was a prayer service held in the parish and there was no reports of yelling. If anyone is rude its the people trying to get him fired. Apples to oranges.


That behaviour is shameful but how does that compare to a service of reparation in a church? Was he simply holding a prayer service, or was he also bullhorning “GOD HATES FAGS!”?

If he was not doing the latter, then you have no grounds for such a comparison.


This was 15 decades joyful, glorious and sorrowful mysteries prayed in the immaculate heart parish followed by litany of Loretto and benediction led by Fr Mark. Not a raised voice except when hymns were sung


The GHF folks are sort of hostile to Catholicism, so its doubtful they’d be at a rosary event.


I’m guessing that if my gay daughter was a student at this school, seeing the advertisements on line “rosary of reparation for the gross offence to God which is Pride Glasgow” would put me in a different mindset than would have a “Rosary of reparation for the sins of our world”. Guess it makes me old fashioned, but, I was raised that you attract more people with love than you do by calling them a “gross offence” (because that is how people hear it. As my mentor told me “know your audience”).

Scotland: news report--"University chaplain sacked after holding service of reparation for Gay Pride."

It doesn’t help that the backlash is doing far worse to the priest.


Good for this priest. We need heroic and courageous witnesses to this evil of our time. Unfortunately this is just the beginning of persecution for those who oppose such things. Our Lady herself told us that sexual sins lead people to hell more than any other sins, and she begged us to make reparation.


I agree that the title was a bit lacking in the hospitality department, but what took place during the event sounds like a typical rosary prayer service, and I should add, appropriate considering the teachings of the church.


Actually it’s pious tradition you should reparate for sins in the world whether homosexual acts, abortion, fornication etc… Reparation for all sin is just and mitigates God’s just wrath.

It also brings conversions.

Were the Macabeans rude when they offered prayers for their fallen comrades because they had committed superstitious idolatry like carrying graven images of other gods?

Was Jesus rude when he asked Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque for the prayers of reparation to his Sacred Heart against the offenses against him in the Holy Eucharist?

What about Our Lady of Fatima when she asked for prayers are reparation against Christ in the Eucharist and the offenses against her Immaculate Heart?

What about the visions of Saint Faustina in the Divine Mercy of Jesus?

If I recall correctly the prayers and chaplet were meant as reparation for the sins of the world to avoid chastisement and for the conversion and salvation of sinners.

Throughout the Biblical age and the Church age God has asked us to make reparation for others and ourselves.

It’s not rude homosexuality is intrinsically disordered and is a grave sin when sexual acts are committed.

I’m also sure that very same priest would make reparation for abortion throughout the world.

Is it rude to make reparation for abortions and pray for those to keep their children or to pray for conversion and salvation of sinners?

What do you think all these 50 days to Nineveh novenas are all about?

Why do you think that’s so many Bishops throughout the world have consecrated their country, their state, or city, to the Immaculate Heart of Mary?


I was being sarcastic, but I should have chosen a more polite way of communicating my thoughts.

How do fifty day novenas work if a novena is nine days? :thinking:

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I don’t know how you counseled your daughter, or how you show your love for her, and I will not presume to tell you. But I will not deny the rightness of Father’s actions just because this issue hits close to home for you.

But regardless, there is no love in confirming anyone in one’s sin. True love seeks above all the salvation of the soul of one’s loved ones, even if it means taking difficult actions. That is regardless of whether that sin is adultery, fornication, theft, corruption, or homosexual activity. The event IS a gross offence. I’m sorry to say it; you don’t want to hear it, but it is. And Father’s action of holding a service of reperation FOR THAT GROSS OFFENCE is completely justified.


My bad sorry to give you the third degree.

Oh well it was worth saying.

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Ummm…gay pride is now a sin? Oh yeah…Thou shalt not have a parade celebrating you are differnt, but still loved by God…now i remember.

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Pride is a sin and leads to all sorts of problems. Doesn’t matter what it is about. Not to mention that sin doesn’t mean God hates us even though we are deserving of it.


Sorry, that’s liberal political double speak. We are not talking about “being different” but celebrating sin. Gay pride parades are definitely in this camp.


The backlash is a badge of honour. Priests who are loved by the world probably need to examine their conscience.

The backlash is a sign that the priest is doing the right thing. This is exactly what Christ said would happen.

This priest has done nothing like yell at abortion clinics or preach that God Hates Fags. He had only held a service of reparation over an obscene and scandalous event, AS IS HIS RIGHT and the right of all Catholics who hold to the teachings of the Church.


The last beatitude is an important thing. I just meant that these people who wrote the article are being hypocritical in their actions.

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Thou shalt not have a parade celebrating your sin. Any sin.

Yes, such an event is itself sinful because one participates in a sin by counsel and by approval.


And still you find yourself qualified to tell us what gays are talking about when they speak of gay pride? Lol…being gay is no more a sin that being straight.

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