Scotland is still an anti-Catholic country, figures show

Archbishop Philip Tartaglia of Glasgow, the newly elected President of the Bishops’ Conference of Scotland, speaks out as Crown Office figures prove football legislation has failed to tackle wider the problems of sectarianism and anti-Cathoic bigotry.

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and in other news, fire burns and water is wet.

And Scottish anti-Catholicism ain’t subtle either.

In the face of this, the Catholic community of Scotland remains steadfast in faith, joyful in hope and fully committed to being part of Scottish society.

Is that ever true. The Scottish bishops have shown a strong hold to orthodoxy lately,despite a few hiccups.

Once upon the time, before Calvin, it was thought that you weren’t Scottish if you were not a Catholic!

Though in the highlands, Catholicism is still strong. We must pray for Scotland and the Isles as a whole. Catholicism is truly being attacked.

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