Scotland: news report--"University chaplain sacked after holding service of reparation for Gay Pride."


It seems the communist Chinese approach to Catholicism is just like Scotland’s.


Someone wanted to be accepting of the differences of others, and the other not so. That makes me sad. The priest did not fire the people for not being tolerant of the gays. The others did fire them for being more tolerant. If heaven was a dichotomy it should be more tolerant and accepting of others. Tolerance vs intolerance. Accepting and loving vs not accepting and hating. If priests did not want to do gay pride stuff thats fine. If people did not want to go to it that is fine as well. Many roads lead to the great path of salvation and if people get pulled to the church because it is more accepting and loving of them is that not generally better? I believe eternal damnation for a single transgression stopped a long time ago. I have already talked on the forums that if God had an “I am the only good one” premise a world full of evil would no doubt come.


There was no hating. The parade was just called a gross offence and pride parades sometimes contain all sorts of indecency and nudity and some other unpleasant factors besides the gays. You are kind of being vague so its hard for me to understand.

Are you trying to say that the priest was intolerant?


I was not trying to say the priest was intolerant. I was saying those who fired him were. Obviously the priest wouldnt condone the indecency if it occurred in the parade. I use a lot of abstract examples rather than concrete. I will use some concrete examples if it will help you understand what I am saying.
There was a church built once. It only had one member. It was God. God liked church but wanted more members. They could not match the grace of God so they couldnt get in. God realized that he could be more tolerant of others. Tolerance was then good. Intolerance was then bad because God would be beating down on everyone because of their sins. The more tolerant God was, the more people that would come to his church. The more intolerant God was, the more people there would be “with pitchforks”. Since God was more tolerant and his grace was unmatched he showed them that they were welcome in his church and were better off there than on the streets committing crimes. God could be less tolerant though, and everyone else without his level of grace could have “a pitchfork”.
The priestly and godly would probably rather have them in church. The demons may rather have them committing crimes. The higher the bar to get in to church, the less people that go. How many people should be in church? Everyone or no one? Which type of people should be excluded from being allowed to attend church? These may be a difficult purgatory questions for someone one day.
Getting people in to church is one thing, showing them bible study and what the church believes should be somewhat separate in my belief, because you cant help them if they wont come in the front door.


I think it may be a cultural thing. In the UK we tend to use understated language to express things.


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