Scots independence battle reaches fever pitch on streets and screens


GLASGOW Scotland (Reuters) - Thousands of independence supporters took to the streets of Scotland’s largest city, Glasgow, on Sunday as polls showed the rival camps running desperately close just five days before a referendum which could bring the break-up of the United Kingdom.


I’m sure some of those who want independence are being loud and proud about it, but I think when push comes to shove, but I don’t think it happen won’t happen this time.

I think there’s too much at stake economically for Scotland.


Economically Scotland is a rich country.


I don’t think many people realize that Edinburgh is one of the largest banking centers in Europe or how much money comes in from North Sea oil fields. Scotland is one of the largest (if not the largest) energy producers in Europe. I seem to remember that whisky exports alone are worth something like 7 billion USD per year and account for about %25 of UK food and drink exports. That’s leaving aside all the other industries in Scotland.


Not that rich. California has a larger GDP.


‘Somewhere else on earth is richer than us’ is quite unrelated to this.


But California is a state not a country. I would mind if California become it’s own country. :smiley:


True that. Rich enough to support itself! But I don’t think it should leave the UK for those reasons. May God’s will be done, and that’s all that should be said.


I admit to not being well-versed in this discussion. However, the financial sector of Edinburgh seems to be threatened by a continued reliance on the British pound. This is a major reason for banking firms to be talking of relocating to London.

As for North Sea oil, production has been steadily falling for the past decade. This is true not only for the UK, but for Norway as well. The resulting changes have challenged Norway, but its government has prepared by reserving an enormous per capita investment fund. However, an independent Scotland will be arriving too late for to set up such a large reserve.


You’re basically saying Scotland is not one of the 10 largest GDP’s in the world - doesn’t really make your point that they’re not that rich.:shrug:


Okay… and California has 7x the population of Scotland.

If you look at GDP per capita then Scotland is close to a state like Colorado in terms of both GDP and population. Few would consider Colorado an impoverished part of the US. The Scottish GDP per capita is actually slightly higher that the UK as a whole w/ a lower per capita personal debt.


Scotland could help themselves immensely, assuming if they separate from the UK, they undue the ridiculous socialist framework they have now with the UK.

The system is rotting from the inside, and the demographics guarantee it will collapse. If Scotland separates, getting rid of this cancer would improve their country vastly.


I am not saying that there wouldn’t be a financial impact. Even if RBS and others were to pull out an independent Scotland could be viable as long as the UK doesn’t freeze them out. Much of it would also depend on how Westminster were to allocate national debt to a newly independent Scotland.

My main point was that Scotland would not be impoverished if they separated from the UK.


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