Scott Brookins Ministries


I just got home tonight from my church. The church invited Scott over to play some Jazz and talk about his mission. It was a nice meeting with music and some slides about his visit to Uganda, Ukrane and other coutries.

I am not sure what denomination is Scott in but the ministry is nice. They went over some countries where people have no clue there is God. As Catholics, we share this common with Scott Brookins Ministries, and this is why we have met to share our common faith and to support each other proclaiming the Gospel.

Have you heard of the Scott Brookins Ministries?

btw, and this is my brother’s website, he will soon do the same thing, but he and his family will go to Cambodia for 2 years. Although I am always praying for him to be back to the Church but I am supportive to whatever he is doing for Jesus. [brief note: if you were wondering why he is not Catholic, he was fostered by a Lutheran when he was kid, thus, he’s become one. Our family was 1/2 way around the earth when he was kid. It was hard to communicate]

Here are my precious nieces:
from left to right: Kayla, Abigail, and Maria :slight_smile: …and yes, they will be heading to Cambodia too!

Pleas pray for them for not having mosquito bite them … :smiley:


Nope, I’ve never heard of him…but your parish may want to consider bringing these guys in…

Francesco Productions


Thanks, I would send this link to my parish’s office.

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