Scott Hahn Seminar - Detroit

Over the weekend I went to a speaking engagement by Scott Hahn at Guardian Angles Parish in Clawson Mich. I’d go again next weekend if it were available, I’ve been enjoying his books and programs for a while now and live was even bettter having gotten to meet so many interesting people, and hear a great conversion story by a local woman. I’ve recently read some critisim on Dr. Hahn’s teachings and will keep them in mind, however I found it beneficial, and will plan on going next month when he will return to the area.

For years, I have loved all I have heard and read by Scott Hahn. I started with his conversion tapes, and listened to his audio tapes on John, Revelation and Exodus. I’ve heard him in person in San Diego. I love his enthusiasm and his knowledge.
I am interested in knowing what criticism you have heard about him.

I have also read a great deal of the books Scott Hahn has written, have listened to the tape series (apologetics) and have attended a conference where he was the keynote speaker. He is an amazing voice for catholic converts and he leads a large number of converts to the faith each year. I am also interested in hearing some of the criticism…maybe my view of him is skewed because of my personal experience (which was awesome!)…Thanks!

I was there too. Like you, I was blessed to be there! Tell me when & where is he going to be in this area in a month? I would like to go again.

The critisisms I’ve heard revolve around prima scriptura, there is a thread on it in the scripture forum, though most posts there defend Dr. Hahn.

Hey Chris, I was there too. In fact Guardian Angels in my home parish :smiley:

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