scott hahn

Not sure where to put this. I saw an ad in our bulletin that Scott Hahn will be speaking at a nearby church.

I’m somewhat familiar with his name, but know little else about him. My sense is that he’s sometimes controversial. Comments? Clarifications?

Controversial? :shrug:
He’s an excellent speaker. I would go for sure. He and his wife spoke at our Eucharistic Congress a few years back. Was wonderful.

I have never heard any controversy about Dr. Hahn. He is a convert who studied his way into the Church. He is an excellent speaker.

You’re lucky. He’s a high profile apoligist, like Patrick Madrid, Fr. Trigilio among others. A regular on EWTN.

I like this commentary on YouTube by Scott Hahn, it talks about Mary and it’s pretty interesting. It’s about one hour long…

Oh, my gosh! You are so blessed to have an opportunity to hear Dr. Hahn speak in person. You should definitely go to the event, and invite your family and friends as well.

Do it man! Dr. Scott’s the best! I used to follow this one girl on tumblr who had someone in his immediate family become her confirmation sponsor. From what I’ve heard from her, his family should be the modern-day Catholic poster family.

I think the only controversy he caused would be in the Protestant faith when he left. I would love to hear him talk, as I credit he CDs with starting my graduation out of the Baptist church. Go, learn, enjoy!

Yeah go for sure his books have taught me so much he is a great teacher and a faithful catholic

Scott Hahn is not controversial. I would definitely go and see him. I have some of his books. It was watching his story on EWTN’s “The Journey Home” that brought me back to the Catholic Church. I had left the church at 13 years old and came back in at 42 years old after watching him.

He’s fantastic! :eek: Absolutely see him if you can!

Oy. Well I see everyone else is gung-ho about him, but I’m not a fan.

I read a detailed compilation he wrote on the Apostles and upon further research, found he had not one reliable, ancient source for the information he put forth as fact. It was very surprising and disappointing.


Wow. I’ve found Mr. Hahn’s research to be impeccable. Please provide a citation and quote for the “information he put forth as fact” that was not reliable.

He is an amazing speaker and source of reliable and Catholic information! In fact, listening to him is what really got me on the path to the Catholic Church. I was already in study for personal knowledge, but the way he explains things is very easy to understand and makes plenty of sense and opened the door of the Church to me in a way I never thought possible.

Even better, I would encourage that question be submitted directly to him for a response. Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to put that information here as well so we can all share in his mistakes.:wink:

ok, but how does that make him “controversial”? At worst, he writes like a theologian (which he is) and not like an academic. That’s hardly controversial.

I don’t think that dr. Hahn is controversial, some Protestants might feel like that b/c he’s showing them answers to their questions. He’s a good speaker, good writer, and someone who defends the catholic faith by living the right way.

I like and admire him and have never come across anything he has said that I find controversial to our faith.

Thanks for the input. Sorry about using “controversial,” didn’t mean to make something. Of of it. Glad it didn’t turn into an argument.:slight_smile:

I don’t know why he’d be controversial, I’ve read some posters here and elsewhere who have said they don’t care for him but they haven’t really offered a substantive rebuttal to anything that he’s written so I fail to see how he isn’t anything other than a top notch Bible scholar.

Maybe they just don’t like how he’s got a Ned Flanders vibe about him?:stuck_out_tongue:

The poster you are quoting usually has a hit and run posting style from what I can tell. I wouldn’t wait up for a source.

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